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I want to thank Bill Hadden for sponsoring this months edition. He requested some of the Blind Post's earlier articles that were favorites.

This one was one of my favorite stories from a subscriber:

Corn Hole

by Angela C. Orlando

Blurb: How a simple game became a symbol of my life...

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed attending the Hattie Larlham Foundation volunteer appreciation dinner. They offered good food and dessert, hanging out with old friends and meeting new people, Spring decorations and favors and the chance to play some games. Games? Bah! Humbug! I'm a 39 year old deaf-blind lady who can barely walk. I don't do games.

So, I'm sitting at our table with another disabled volunteer, chatting up a storm while making everyone laugh. My escort turns to me and says, "Hey, they have corn hole."

I'm thinking, "Whatever."

Jane asks, "Have you ever played corn hole before?"

"Nope," I tell her, "I don't even know what it is."

I can imagine her grin as she signs "C'mon... C'mon" into my hands.

Jane shows me these bean bag like things and a board with a hole in the middle. That's easy enough to figure out. She gets me a chair and tells me to aim "far ahead."

"Wait a minute," I yap. "Don't blind girls get to sit up front?"

Apparently not. So I toss while Jane gives me feedback. "Farther... farther... more to the right... farther... to the left... farther."

I begin to think the target must be in Canada. And I toss and I toss and I toss.

Those stubborn Angie genes kick in. I can't stop. I have to succeed just once. I have to do it, because that's what I do... Never give up... Keep on trying until that feisty determination pays off.

I'm deaf (miss)
I'm blind (miss)
I'm physically challenged (miss)
I'm a mother (miss)
I'm a student (miss)
I'm a writer (miss)
I'm a leader (miss)
I'm a volunteer (miss)
I live on my own (miss)
I love my kitten (miss)
I don't listen to people who say I can't (miss)
I rule my life, not my disabilities (miss)
I WILL NOT GIVE UP -- It's a hit and the crowd goes wild!!

I pump my arm in victory. I yell, "Yes!" I laugh with glee. And I check off another box on that long list of things I have accomplished against all odds.

Comic relief story.

Ole, Sven, and Lars
Submitted by Linda Stewart

Ole, Sven, and Lars decide they are going to Mexico for a vacation. They get falling down drunk and wake up in jail and find out they all have been sentenced to die in the electric chair.
Sven is the first to be strapped in the electric chair and the guards ask if he has any last words. Sven says, "I yust graduated from St. John's College in Minnisota, with a degree in divinity studies, and I am a good Christian man, but if it is God's will for me to die, so be it." The guards throw the switch and nothing happens. The guards get on their knees and say, "You are surely a Godly man and we are going to let you go."
Lars is next to be strapped into the electric chair and the guards ask if he has any last words. Lars says, "I yust graduated from Concordia college in Moorhead, Minnisota, with a degree in divinity studies, and I am a God fearing man. If it is my time to die, it is God's will."
The guards throw the switch and nothing happens. The guards say, "You also are a Godly man and we are going to let you go."

Ole is the last to be strapped into the electric chair. The guards ask him if he has any last words. Ole says, "Vel, I yust graduated from South Dakota Tech in electrical engineering and I'll tell ya right now, if you don't plug dat ting in, it ain't gonna work."

Totally Confused

by Frances Strong

It was almost dark when I left my mother's house. She lives on a dirt road just a few turns and down the road from my house. I had taken this path so many times that I was not paying attention as I should have.
As I turned the first corner, my mind was wandering and I forgot to check which road to take. there are two roads to pass and then mine. But absent-minded me, just turned and started walking and walking. My cane helped me stay on the sandy dirt road as I kept going.
Soon I realized that I was not on my road but had missed my turn and was probably on the middle road. Then my shoes felt and I heard the gravel as I crunched it under my weight.
"Oh my," I said. "I've gone to far. this is the road going to the highway."
so I turned around and headed in the opposite direction. I walked and walked.
again I just could not find the turn to my house. So I just kept going until I literally bumped into a mound of dirt that told me I had come to the dead end by my mother's house.
so I did a turn-around again and walked and walked.
By now I was frustrated and disoriented. I turned on what I thought might be my road and came to the gravel under my feet again.
"What in the world?" I exasperated. "How could I have gone to the highway road again?"
So I slowly turned around and was about to cry when a most beautiful sound was heard. "Hmmmm," the horse nickered.
It was my old horse. I knew that voice anywhere. He was probably saying to me, "What are you doing out here in the dark? It is not time for feeding."
I wanted to hug that dear old friend, but couldn't go across the fence. so I thanked him and smiled. For now I knew where I was! I happened to be by the horse pasture which was just beyond the first turn by my mother's.
I gave myself a cleansing sigh and merrily found the third road and went home.
Til this day, I believe God sent my horse to show me the way home. Another thing, the mix-up was that I did not realize that they had recently put some gravel on my mother's lane and that was why I became so confused. Things are not always what they seem to be.

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