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November 12, 2020

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Living with low vision: Election Reflection by Donna Williams.
Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady: Air Fryer info and recipes.
Uplift, inspirational: “PROVIDENCE” by Ruth.
Driving Miss Donna: “Cooking With Donna” By Lynn Anderson.
Yarn Hook and Needle: Christmas decorations By Greg Capps.

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Laura Legendary, owner
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From the editor:

Happy Thanksgiving to our US readers. I know Canada has theirs at a different time. For many, this year’s celebrations will be vastly different from what
we have been used to.
I hope and pray all will be safe and stay well through this season.
Recently, I had to do an overnight Pulse oximetry? Test. My cardiologist ordered it because I thought that I might have sleep apnea. I have high blood
pressure and take three different medications to try to control it. They are not working. For months now I have been extremely tired and have a foggy brain.
I lack my normal energy or enthusiasm to do my normal exercise, clean my house or do my studies. I have noticed that sometimes when I fall asleep on my
back that I wake myself up gasping and snoring.
The unit was shipped to me through the mail. I scanned in the paperwork. I was wondering exactly how I was going to operate this device. When my sister
came over to take me grocery shopping, she helped me get the package set to go back in the mail for when I was finished. that night We arranged for me
to facetime call her when I was preparing to go to sleep. I used my back facing camera for her to see if the unit came on when I pressed the power button.
She saw it and said my oxygen was at 98.5. So all I had to do was wear it all night and then when I awoke in the morning, I just had to power it off and
put it in the shipping box and put it out in my mailbox for the Post person to collect to go back.
About a week later, my cardiologist called and said that I had sleep apnea. He said that several times in the night my oxygen level dipped quite low for
an hour at a time and then again for two hours. I have been referred to a sleep specialist and am still waiting to get that appointment set up. I have
heard that when you get the device to help with sleeping and airflow and oxygen levels, that my energy will return, and my blood pressure should normalize.
I will let you know hopefully next month.

I want to proudly thank all Blind Post readers that are veterans. Your service is immensely appreciated by so many. You are truly heroes!
I have been extremely interested in historical novels about the two world wars. Over the past several years I have read many mostly taking place in England
and France. Recently I read an excellent novel about what happened at Pearl Harbor. It profoundly affected me emotionally and I was so incredibly impressed
with the whole book. Even though parts of the book were fictional, the historical events were true. I also started reading another book on the same subject
which gives more historical facts along with a personal family account written by a well-known journalist.
I highly recommend these two books that I downloaded from BARD. They are both commercial audio books with excellent readers. The second read by the author.

The lieutenant's nurse DB99525
Ackerman, Sara. Reading time: 9 hours, 43 minutes.
Read by Lauren Ezzo.
Historical Fiction
Hawaii, 1941. Newly-enlisted Army Corps nurse Eva Cassidy is drawn to the tropical splendor of the island and intelligence officer Lt. Clark Spencer--despite
the secrets they both carry. When Pearl Harbor is bombed, she works hard to keep the wounded servicemen alive. But her trust and loyalties are tested.
Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2019.

Unknown valor: a story of family, courage, and sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima DB99627
MacCallum, Martha. Reading time: 10 hours, 53 minutes.
Read by Martha MacCallum.
World History and Affairs
A Fox News anchor pays tribute to those who fought at Iwo Jima. The author's account follows her mother's cousin Harry from life in Boston to the bloody
battle in the Pacific. She describes the landscape of Iwo Jima, profiles Emperor Hirohito, and illuminates the sacrifices made by the soldiers who fought.
Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller.

I also have recently found a new hero. She could also be called a saint. I sort of knew of her, but after reading the following book, she is now, for me,
a special historical shining example of an incredible blind woman. . This book gives a lot of wonderful US history too.

Fanny Crosby DB14621
Ruffin, Bernard. Reading time: 11 hours, 6 minutes.
Read by Richard Wulf. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress.
Biography of Persons with Disabilities
Chronological biography of a nineteenth-century blind hymnwriter and evangelist whose life and ministry influenced thousands of people. Mrs. Crosby's hymns
include such favorites as 'Saved by Grace' and 'Blessed Assurance.'

Thank you all for reading and sharing the Blind Post news. I love hearing from you. May you find the Joy of the Lord and Peace in your heart this season
no matter what the world gives. He who sits on the Heavenly throne is truer, higher, and better than anyone that sits and rules as a leader in the earthly
God bless you all!
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
A great place to share and sell!

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New and used:

A satirical science fiction novel by David Dvorkin

Copyright 2020
In e-book ($3.99) and print ($11.50) from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online sellers.
Butler, warrior, moral philosopher, robot. Randolph is all that and more.
Randolph is the prized product of Superior Domestics, a Silicon Valley firm dedicated to producing robot servants for people who grew up watching British
period costume dramas on PBS. The company’s motto is, “All the gracious living of Upstairs with none of the unseemly drama of Downstairs.”
When the novel opens with the assassination of King Donald II and a coup d’état, Randolph epitomizes that motto. He is calm, quiet, supremely competent,
always in the background, and never interfering. He is a mere witness to great events. He is focused on supervising his staff and properly running the
household of General Henry Redgrave, architect of the coup and would–be power behind the throne.

War! Romance! Sex! Skulduggery! Artificial Intelligence! And lots of other stuff, too.

Go here for the cover image, a longer synopsis, and a free text sample:

Additional comments from Leonore Dvorkin:
This lively novel is David’s 30th published book. It’s amusing, imaginative, and a quick read at 280 pages in print. The self-driving train and truck,
two of my favorite minor characters, have wonderful personalities of their own. David had a lot of fun writing it, and I had a lot of fun proofreading
it. An interesting tidbit is that the remarkable mechanical man on the cover was actually built by Canadian inventor George Moore in 1893.

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Wanted, to trade or give away:


Sight Tech Global – Shaping emerging technologies to create a more accessible world for people who are blind or have low vision.

free virtual conference set for December 2 and 3, 2020.
Sight Tech Global is a world-wide, virtual conference dedicated to bringing together the technology pioneers who are applying the latest technology advances
to barrier-free
navigation, human interaction, and low-friction access to information for people who are blind or visually impaired. Sight Tech Global is committed to
the proposition, “Nothing about us without us,” and accordingly people with sight loss and blindness will be engaged in all phases of the event.
Registration is Free!
Format will include one on one interviews, panels, demos with top technologists, researchers, founders, designers and advocates.
Expert Moderation
Expert moderators, including TechCrunch editors and prominent figures focused on improving accessibility in the blindness community.
Companies and Universities being represented include:
Apple, Google, Amazon, Verizon Media, Vispero and prominent researchers from leading Universities and much more.
You can Register at:

You will also learn about the panel and speaker topics and view the Agenda.

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Eyes on success shows and podcasts:

2041 Capturing and Sharing the World (Oct. 7, 2020)
Judy Dixon has written a number of books about fun and useful apps for iOS devices and how they can be used with VoiceOver. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey
talk with Judy about her most recent book “Capturing and Sharing the World: Taking Photos and Videos with an iPhone” that describes how you can take photos
and videos even if you don’t have any vision.

2042 Becoming a Chiropractor (Oct. 14, 2020)
After losing her vision in her mid-20’s, Jackie Ouellet was forced to reassess her life and dreams. Shortly after going through a blindness rehabilitation
program she had a plan. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Jackie about how she coped with her vision loss, found a blind chiropractor as a mentor,
and went on to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Go to
to find a full, searchable archive of nearly 500 episodes on nearly any topic or subscribe to the podcast if you don’t want to miss an episode!
You can listen on your Amazon or Google smart home device by saying “play Eyes On Success podcast”, and to listen to previous shows, just ask to go back
or play previous episode.

Services and training.

Business and employment opportunities:

Living with low vision

Election Reflection

By Donna Williams

I know you are groaning because you think here we go again! Not more about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Don’t worry it’s not my intent to talk about them
in detail. I’d rather share my voting experience this year.
Because of the pandemic I knew there would be challenges. I wanted to vote independently but needed to find out what my options were. During normal times
I always walked to my polling place and used the accessible voting machine. Sometimes it is set up for me and sometimes not. One year I had to wait for
around an hour for poll workers to do something about the situation. I think they were hoping I’d go away but when I refused they realized they’d better
do something quick. Another year I went at the last minute. It was raining and I didn’t want to walk in that so I waited until I could talk with my mom.
I asked her for a ride and we didn’t end up getting to my polling place until after 7 PM. As a result the machine was not available. Too many people were
in line and according to the poll workers they had a problem with that machine all day. Since I was not by myself I decided to fill out a paper ballot
and told them I was going out to the lobby to get my mom. They said this could not be done and I’d have to let one of them help me vote. At that point
I made a lot of noise. I wasn’t going to let some stranger fill in my choices. I was finally given permission to go and ask my mom for help. We sat off
to one side and began the process of filling out my ballot. The judge of Elections was at the other end of the table and I thought all was well until my
mom spoke up and told her we needed privacy. I wasn’t aware that she was watching every stroke of the pen that was being made on my behalf. She did finally
put up a partition then however the next thing we knew she was standing directly on the other side at our end of the table. I’m not sure what she was hoping
to accomplish but my mom and I are too good. We have our own way of communicating that doesn’t involve giving exact answers. For example she would read
the choices as 1, 2, or 3 and I’d barely whisper a number in her ear. That’s how we finished the ballot.
For this election however I did not want anyone to make any choices for me so I started thinking of my options early. With the pandemic still raging I
wasn’t keen on going to my polling place. I had decided that if I chose this option I’d bring my headset and wear plastic bags on my hands while handling
the remote. Someone suggested gloves but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to feel the buttons well enough through them so I decided plastic bags were the
better option. When I heard I could vote via mail I decided it wouldn’t hurt to request a ballot. I figured that if I went to the polls I’d just discard
it. Getting this ballot wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I prefer calling a number to filling out forms online so as soon as I decided that a mail in ballot
was a possibility I began calling the number I needed to. It was very unfortunate that every time I called the wait time to speak with someone grew longer.
I think the shortest time given was 30 minutes. I was about to give up when I received mail from the democrats. At first I thought “oh no! They want to
give me all the reasons I should vote for Joe Biden.” I opened the envelope anyway and I’m glad I did. Instead of finding a political ad inside I found
a wealth of info about being safe at the polls as well as how to vote by mail and I was given a number to call if I had any additional questions. I used
that number and asked if I could get a mail in ballot from them. I was given an affirmative answer and it was wonderful. I no longer had to deal with the
Shortly after my ballot arrived I learned that for this election there was a possibility that an accessible voting option would be available online. This
meant that I’d have the ability to vote in private and remain safe in my own home. The problem with this method is that I needed a printer. I began to
make inquiries as to whether I could save my ballot choices and print them out elsewhere. I went to a demo of the system used in PA and it wasn’t made
clear as to how this could be done so I began to rethink the online option. Not long afterward I became aware of some glitches within the system. However
before totally eliminating this option I called my county’s board of elections and asked if I could be put on the list to receive info on the accessible
ballot when it became available. No one knew what I was talking about. The judge of elections was supposed to call me back but she didn’t. By then I had
made my choice as to how I planned to vote in secret.
I still had family on standby however I decided to attempt working with my mail in ballot by myself. I first looked at it under my big CCTV. I could read
it but marking it that way would be a problem. I have a little hand-held unit and decided to try that. With practice someone can write while paper is under
it however I have not mastered this art quite yet. I’m told it takes a lot of maneuvering. What I finally decided to do is to take a hand-held magnifier
and count the squares I needed to mark. I held my finger in place, put on my reading glasses, then picked up my pen and began to shade in each choice.
It was tedious work and I look forward to the day when online balloting and electronic submission is how it’s done for blind people. In the meantime I’m
happy to report that upon reviewing my ballot once it was completed I determined that my counting and guess work had paid off. The choices I wanted were
selected correctly. I hope everyone was able to vote in whatever way worked best for them.
I’d love hearing from you. Feel free to write me at:

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady

I know it is Thanksgiving this month, but I thought since some of you were curious about the air fryers, and Amazon Black Friday is coming up, I would
share my experience and give you some recipes. I have also included a link to a recent webinar that some of you may not have heard yet.
I learned something new from listening to it too.
We have the COSORI Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer 5.8QTthat works with Alexa and Google assistant and the VeSync app.
What I did not know about, when we bought it a year ago, is that you can link it to your Amazon Prime account at the time of purchase, so that when you
open the box and plug it in, it will already be set up to work with your Alexa.
I originally set it up with sighted assistance using the iPhone app and then later connected it to my Alexa device. In the Alexa app, I was able to give
my air fryer a name, and we chose “Bob”.
We use it almost daily. I am using many new recipes and am enjoying the results.

Air Fryer Seminar

“On Tuesday, October 27, 2020 the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri was extremely proud to host an Air Fryer Seminar. If you didn't have the
chance to attend the seminar, we now have the recording below for you to listen to. Enjoy!”

Air Fryer Pork Chops (Boneless)

"Tips for Making Air Fryer Pork Chops
This air fried pork chop recipe comes out crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.
How long do you air fry pork chops?
I air-fried my pork chops for about 14 minutes. It was the perfect amount of time for 1 1/4" thick pork chops.
But, you will need to preheat your air fryer and allow them to sit for 5 minutes. This brings the total preparation time up to about 25 minutes.
Will the recipe work using bone-in pork chops?
Yes, this recipe will work for both types of pork chops. But, the preparation time is for making boneless pork chops in an air fryer.
If you are cooking bone-in pork chops, they will need to cook longer.
How many can you cook at once?
This will really depend on how large your air fryer is. If you're asking is it ok to stack them, I don't recommend it.
An air fryer basket is fairly small. So, it is tempting to place things close together or stack them on top.
Proper internal temperature for pork
When making these air fryer pork chops, keep in mind that the proper internal temperature for pork is 145 according to the US Pork Board.
It's very important that you use a meat thermometer to be sure your pork is cooked completely.
But, one of the most important things you need to do is to leave room for the air to circulate. This results in the best taste and proper cooking.
4 thick cut boneless pork chops
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
For the rub
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper
1 tablespoon dried thyme
Preheat your air fryer to 400°F for 5 minutes
Blot pork chops with paper towel
Drizzle a small amount of olive oil on each pork chop, rub all over and don’t forget the sides.
Combine all spices for the rub, you’ll have some leftover depending on how much you use for each pork chop. I used a 1/2 tablespoon per pork chop.
Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon on the top of each pork chop, then rub it in until it absorbs into the meat a little bit. Flip the pork chop over and repeat with
another 1/2 teaspoon of the rub mixture. Use your hands to season the sides with another 1/2 teaspoon.
Spray your air fryer basket with olive oil to prevent the pork chops from sticking.
Place the seasoned pork chops in the preheated air fryer with room around them for the air to circulate. My pork chops were fairly big, so I cooked them
2 at a time. Bake for 14-17 minutes total,(depending on the thickness of your pork chops. Mine were about 1-3/4 inches thick and 17 minutes was perfect),
flipping halfway through the cooking time.
Remove the pork chops and place them on a serving dish to rest for 5 minutes. This is a small extra step that helps your pork chops remain moist and flavorful!

Garnish with fresh thyme if you’re feeling fancy!”

Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Maple Balsamic Glaze

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts Recipe Tips
Every air fryer is different, so keep an eye on these while they’re cooking so they don’t burn. A little char is good, but you don’t want too much.
You can substitute ¼ cup chopped red onion for the shallots if you don’t have any shallots on hand.
Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3-4 days. Crisp them back up in a fry pan or back in your air fryer!
1.5 lb Brussels sprouts, halved
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
Balsamic Glaze
6 slices bacon, cut into pieces
1 shallot, thinly sliced
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1.5 tbsp pure maple syrup
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
Preheat the air fryer to 425 degrees.
In a medium-sized bowl, toss the halved brussels sprouts with the olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Once coated in oil, spread the brussels sprouts
into the air fryer pan evenly. Do not overlap.
Air fry for 10 minutes and flip the brussels sprouts over. Air fry for another 5-10 minutes until desired tenderness is reached.
While the brussels sprouts are cooking, make the glaze. Heat a frying pan over medium heat and add the bacon. Cook the bacon until crispy for about 3-5
Remove the bacon from the pan, reserving 1 tbsp of the bacon grease. Add the shallots and cook for 2-3 minutes, then add the garlic until saute for another
Pour in the balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, dijon, salt, and pepper. Stir continuously for about 2-3 minutes until the mixture has reduced and slightly
Pour air fried brussels sprouts and cooked bacon into the pan with the glaze. Toss until the brussels sprouts are completed coated in the glaze.
Remove the pan from the heat and pour into the desired serving dish.

Air Fryer Lobster Tails with Lemon-Garlic


“2 (4 ounce) lobster tails
4 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 clove garlic, grated
salt and ground black pepper to taste
1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley
Step 1
Butterfly lobster tails by cutting lengthwise through the centers of the hard top shells and meat with kitchen shears. Cut to, but not through, the bottoms
of the shells. Spread the tail halves apart. Place tails in the air fryer basket with lobster meat facing up.
Step 2
Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add lemon zest and garlic; heat until garlic is tender, about 30 seconds. Transfer 2 tablespoons of butter
mixture to a small bowl and brush onto lobster tails; discard any remaining brushed butter to avoid contamination from uncooked lobster. Season lobster
with salt and pepper.
Step 3
Cook in an air fryer at 380 degrees F (195 degrees C) until lobster meat is opaque, 5 to 7 minutes. Spoon reserved butter from the saucepan over lobster
meat. Top with parsley and serve with lemon wedges.
Cook's Note:
You can use frozen lobster tails, just thaw them first before proceeding with instructions.”

Food Lady

Uplift, inspirational articles from Ruth


Greetings Blind Post Readers;
While attempting to wright an article for you, and frantically browsing, I rode into the Book of Ester, and it has been quite a journey thus far. It just
wouldn’t be the same with any other commentator. Dr. McGee opens up the time, the temperament of the people, and the critical situations. GOD’S people
were supposed to have gone back to Israel; but they became quite comfortable in Persia, now Iran, and stayed. There were those who obeyed, and went back,
but the Jewish people in the Book of Ester, were out of the Will of GOD, and they didn’t even know how the enemy was plotting to exterminate them.
Did you know that the Name of GOD is not mentioned in the Book of Ester? Dr. J. Vernon McGee reports that the people of GOD were not in the will of GOD,
and yet, GOD’S hand of providence is leading and guiding them away from extinction. In fact, we have learned that providence is always working in our behalf
even when we are out of the will of GOD.
If there is one thing I have learned while studying this Book, is that there is always going to be someone trying to destroy GOD’S authority, by attacking
His People, who embody His Word.
I pray that you will continue to study the Word of GOD. It is so important, as we journey through this life. It is the only comfort in this world of turmoil.

The Old Jack Russell
A wealthy old Gentleman decides to go on a hunting safari in Africa, taking his faithful, elderly Jack Russell along for the company.
One day the old Jack Russell starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a leopard heading rapidly in
his direction with the intention of having lunch. The old Jack Russell thinks, "Oh, oh! I'm in for it now!" Noticing some bones on the ground close by,
he immediately settles down to chew on the bones with his back to the approaching cat. Just as the leopard is about to leap, the old Jack Russell exclaims
loudly, "Boy, that was one delicious leopard!! Wonder if there are any more around here?"
Hearing this, the young leopard halts his attack in mid-strike, and he slinks away into the trees. "Whew!" says the leopard, "That was close! That old
Jack Russell nearly had me!”
Meanwhile, a monkey who had been watching the whole scene from a nearby tree, figures he can put this knowledge to good use and trade it for protection
from the leopard. So off he goes, but the old Jack Russell sees him heading after the leopard with great speed, and figures that something must be up.
The monkey soon catches up with the leopard, spills the beans and strikes a deal with the leopard. The young leopard is furious at being made a fool of
and says, "Here, monkey, hop on my back and see what's going to happen to that conniving canine!
Now, the old Jack Russell sees the leopard coming with the monkey on his back and thinks, "What am I going to do now?", but instead of running, the dog
sits down with his back to his attackers, pretending he hasn't seen them yet, and just when they get close enough to hear, the old Jack Russell says: "Where's
that monkey? I sent him off an hour ago to bring me another leopard!
Moral of this story.... Don’t mess with the old dogs... age and skill will always overcome youth and treachery!
This is just a cute little story, but it points out something that should be true while we may not have the vigor of youth, we should be wiser than when
we were young.
Proverbs 20:29 (KJV)
29” The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head”.
Just as the youth should use his strength to serve God, so the aged should use their experience and knowledge to serve God. As we transition to different
stages of life, our abilities, responsibilities and opportunities all change.
God, grant us wisdom to use the abilities you have given us today for your glory.
Author Unknown – Recopied from the Berean Sunday Bulletin
Submitted by BMcC
Stay Well, and safe Blind Post Readers.

Driving Miss Donna

“Cooking With Donna”

(Episode 10)
by: Lynn Anderson

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. I love getting together with family, the fellowship, the Fall colors (such as they are in Santa Cruz),
the crisp feel to the air and of course, the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner! I love the stuffing, gravy, whole berry cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes
and more turkey gravy, candied yams, green bean casserole and even the roasted turkey, well mostly. What I don’t like is cooking. At all. I like baking,
not cooking. What’s the difference you may ask? Well, with cooking you end up with lots of vegetables, meat (unless you are a vegetarian or vegan), rice
or potatoes and other such dishes. With baking, you end up with freshly baked fragrant bread, cookies, cake, pie and of course banana bread! Who doesn’t
love baking? Well, Donna for one. Donna is a cook.
Donna is a kitchen general. She loves to cook. She rules her kitchen with a firm hand and no nonsense.
In my kitchen, meals are mostly frozen fare with names like Stouffer’s or Marie Calendar’s on the box. If I happen to be cutting back on calories, you’ll
also find names like Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers. My oven is (or rather was) a microwave oven. I personally don’t see anything wrong with my kitchen.
Donna finds a LOT wrong with my kitchen. A LOT! When I go into Donna’s kitchen, there are bins of what I like to call parts. They are parts, because her
kitchen doesn’t contain any actual meals. One bin has rice, another dried beans, another bin has pasta and so it goes. Her fridge isn’t much better. In
the freezer section she has what looks like chicken parts, hamburger, sausages and something she later told me was frozen bananas. I couldn’t tell by just
looking at them, as they looked very suspicious to me. The cold section of her fridge has eggs (could pick those out right away), a carton of milk, butter
and a bunch of vegetables covered with vines and leaves and other inedible things. Her pantry has more bins with flour and sugar (very handy for baking!),
oatmeal, and that’s about it. How does any of that become anything resembling food or a dinner for that matter? It doesn’t, it just looks like a bunch
of nothing to me! Donna, however, sees many possibilities for fabulous meals by just mixing a few items together, and ta da, you have dinner! Really? No
But I love to eat from Donna’s kitchen when she cooks. The food is wonderful, flavorful and I guess even healthy. What isn’t to love? I’ll tell you, my
kitchen. Donna will not eat dinner with me from my kitchen. When she comes over for a visit and I ask her what she would like to have for dinner, she usually
likes to go out to eat. To me, this is fantastic! I love to eat out! We go to exotic places like Olive Garden, a local steak restaurant called The Hindquarter,
Chili’s, Round Table Pizza, I Hop Restaurant, In N Out Burger when we are in San Jose or Pismo Beach, and other such places of nouveau cuisine! What a
great idea, and what could ever ruin such a wonderful plan?
Donna. For one thing, Donna believes that buying packaged food (and eating out in restaurants for that matter) is expensive and wasteful when you could
make it all yourself for a fraction of the cost. A fraction! Plus, she informed me that using a microwave oven gives you cancer from all of the rays they
emit, and there is something bad in the microwave rays that actually change the composition of the food you are eating. Really? I asked, kind of skeptical
of this new information. Oh yes, she assured me, she only uses a regular oven to do all of her cooking! But when you look at the packages of frozen food,
what takes only minutes in the microwave oven to cook, takes up to an hour in the oven in some cases! Isn’t that a waste of energy, I throw in trying to
get her off the track of my poor little microwave oven? After hearing a very long explanation of how microwave ovens only last for a few years and end
up clogging landfills with their evil rays I knew that my argument was cooked! To add injury to her argument, my wonderful, handy microwave happened to
die that week and did end up in a landfill. I’m not too sure about the evil rays, though, as the microwave was completely dead. I was going to secretly
buy a new microwave and never let Donna know about the death of the old microwave, but she found out about that as well.
I don’t know how she found out, but during one of our phone conversations, she said very pointedly to me, of course you aren’t going to replace THAT microwave!!
How on earth did she know?? No, um, of course not, I said, I hear that they have evil rays, so of course I won’t replace it! RATS, I thought, and cancelled
my Amazon order for a new oven. Now how was I going to eat???
Donna decided that it was time for me to learn how to cook. Why oh why, I wondered? She said that the frozen meals were killing me off with salt, sugar
and additives that also seemed to cause cancer or other terrible things. The first assignment Donna gave me was to make cheese sauce, as she was making
a macaroni and cheese baked casserole. I really like macaroni and cheese, so I have to admit that I was excited to learn how to make this dish. Donna was
in her living room tidying up something or other, so I was left all alone in the kitchen. She had a block of cheese, butter, flour, salt and pepper, and
a carton of milk on the counter by the stove, and a fairly large cooking pot. “What do you want me to do?” I asked. “You combine the items on the stove
into the pot to make the cheese sauce for the macaroni.” OK, I thought, I can do that, seems simple enough. So, into the pot I poured the quart of milk,
added several sticks of butter, the flour and cut the cheese into several big chunks. I stirred the pot over the heat, but it didn’t turn into anything
resembling cheese sauce no matter how much effort I put into the sauce. “This doesn’t look right,” I called out to Donna, who came back into the kitchen
and screamed! Yes, she actually screamed. “What have you done?” she asked like I had body parts to some poor critter in the pot. Her scream startled me,
so I handed her the spoon and stepped back away from the stove. “You have to make a rue first; didn’t you know that? Everything is ruined!!!” She grabbed
the pot and threw everything in the sink like it needed to be buried and buried very quickly. “What’s a rue?” I asked as I ran from the kitchen to try
and save my life! Donna never actually explained what a rue was as she was so busy banging things in the kitchen and trying to dispose of the mess I had
After the disaster with the cheese sauce, my role in the kitchen at Donna’s house turned into chopping vegetables into tiny chunks like some food processor,
and making salads. It’s funny now when I think about it, because my Mom, who was also a kitchen general, had me cut vegetables and make salads. I had never
before made a rue, or macaroni with cheese sauce, because for me, cheese sauce comes from a can.
After Donna’s vision loss, her cooking techniques also changed, and I was given a greater level of responsibility in helping her to prepare food. I advanced
from chopping vegetables to measuring out liquids and spices, which was a natural for me, since I like to bake. Donna, however, has never fully recovered
from the cheese sauce incident, so anytime I feel like I am ready to advance beyond simple methods of preparing food, she gives me the look, and that ends
my forays into recipes more fitting for Julia Child.
One time I decided to surprise Donna by preparing a recipe for squash soup that I had discovered on the internet. I purchased all of the ingredients, read
and re-read the instructions, and made my masterpiece. I invited Donna over for dinner and presented my culinary dish which she looked at with a funny
expression on her face and actually took a sniff of her squash soup. “Smells alright”, she said, then took a taste. After squeezing her eyes into slits
and coughing, she put her spoon down on her plate. “Um, well”, she stammered, “well, um, that’s different. What is it called?” “Squash soup”, I answered,
and took a taste myself. My eyes flew open and I also put my spoon on my plate. “What exactly did the recipe call for?” she asked me as she took another
disdainful look at the pot of soup. “Well, it called for cubed butternut squash, bacon, salt and pepper, olive oil, finely chopped onions,” and I went
on with the list. “OK, what did you actually put into the soup?” “Well,” I began, “they didn’t have chopped butternut squash at the grocery, so I bought
every variety of squash I could find.” The total for the squash alone was over $45! “I wanted to make something really special,” I explained, beginning
to feel kind of hurt that Donna was questioning my ability to actually read and follow a recipe. “I see,” she said, taking on her wise, kitchen general
voice. “What happens,” she asked, “when you combine a lot of different colors together? What color do you end up with?” I looked at my pot of squash soup,
and could see her point. “Brown,” I answered, and took another look at the slimy, brown looking mess that floated around in my soup pot. “Exactly! Brown!
I don’t even want to tell you what that looks like,” she said and then threw her bowl of squash soup away down my kitchen drain. “OK,” I said, “I’m guessing
that you don’t want any more soup?” Donna just gave me the look. “Want to eat dinner out?” I asked, and this time was met with a “YES” and a big smile
from Donna. So, the very expensive, squash soup, or brown glop soup as Donna called it, was quite literally down the drain.
The other blow to my lack of kitchen smarts and eating out bliss, was Covid -19, of course. With the advent of the virus, all restaurants closed like immediately.
No more eating out. OK, I could deal with not sitting in a restaurant but then the grocery stores in my area ran out of frozen food! Trader Joe’s, a favorite
of mine, had empty freezer cases! After waiting in line to enter the store, wearing the required mask and attempting to stay 6 feet away from every person
in the store, I was shocked to find that all of the frozen food cases were empty! Oh no!! Now what will I eat??? I was also doing shopping for Donna, because
I really couldn’t take her in the store with me. Donna needs to use a walker for mobility, so she wouldn’t be able to stand in the long lines, plus, she
wouldn’t be able to stand next to me, even though she is legally blind, for fear that we would get a citation for breaking the social distancing rules!
I actually saw that happen where families were told that they had to stand 6 feet away from each other or face a citation. (This was in the early stages
of the Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place Order.) So, while Donna was sitting in the car hoping that I would be able to find some food to purchase, I was in the
store hoping that I could find anything to purchase! About the only thing they had on the shelves was food that no one wanted, candy (that was a good thing!)
and alcohol. Since I don’t drink alcohol that wasn’t a comfort, but the candy thing kind of cheered me up!
However, there was a hidden silver food lining in all of this trauma. Fast food drive-through restaurants were open! I was thrilled. Donna was not pleased
at first, fearing that the food wouldn’t be safe to eat and what about sanitary conditions at Burger King and were they following all of the guidelines
and were the kids who worked there properly trained, and on and on! I assured Donna that things were probably just fine, and how would she like to go out
for a Whopper for dinner? She once again gave me the look, but what could she say? My kitchen was tapped out of frozen food and I think that she was getting
pretty tired of rice and beans, so she reluctantly agreed. With a smile on my face I drove us over to Burger King, made my way through the drive-through
(there was a long line of cars waiting their turn) ordered our burgers and fries and parked at the back of the lot where we ate our dinner. That was the
best food I had tasted in a long time! Donna was worried about the extra salt and gluten, the trans fats, the MSG and probably even the fact that they
might use microwave ovens! Me? Not a bit! Well, maybe a little bit later on, but not right at that moment.
Things have calmed down foodwise to be sure, there are actually things to buy in the grocery stores again, including items for Thanksgiving. Donna has
decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner at her apartment this year and has invited my brother and me over for dinner. YUM! It will be great! I will be available
to help with chopping and measuring dry ingredients and liquids, but thankfully for all parties involved, Donna will be handling the majority of the cooking!

Yarn Hook and Needle

Christmas decorations

By Greg Capps,

I thought we'd go ahead and get started on making some Christmas decorations this month since many of us will be decorating at the end of November.
If you have some favorite holiday decorations that you make, please share them with me and you just might see them in a future issue!


Adapted from a pattern at

Caron worsted yarn in three colors
Size U.S G/6 (4 mm) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.
4” [10 cm] flat round ornaments.
MEASUREMENT: Approx 4" [10 cm] diameter.
GAUGE: 17 sc and 21 rows = 4" [10 cm]
Note: Join all rnds with sl st to first st.
Dc2tog = (Yoh and draw up a loop in next st. Yoh and pull through 2 loops on hook) twice. Yoh and draw through all loops on hook.
I used red for color 1, white for color 2, and green for color 3.
Make a front and back for each ornament.
With Color 1, ch 3.
1st rnd: (RS). [1 dc. Ch 1. (Dc2tog. Ch 1) 5 times] all in 3rd ch from hook. Break Color 1. Join Color 2. 12 sts.
2nd rnd: With Color 2, ch 1. *1 sc in next st. 2 sc in next ch-1 sp. Rep from * around. Join. 18 sc.
3rd rnd: Ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 2 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Rep from * around. Break Color 2. Join Color 3. 24 sc.
4th rnd: With Color 3, ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 3 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Rep from * around. Join. 30 sc.
5th rnd: Ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 4 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Rep from * around. Break Color 3. Join Color 2. 36 sc.
6th rnd: With Color 2, ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 5 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Rep from * around. Join. 42 sc.
7th rnd: Ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 6 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Rep from * around. Join. 48 sc. Fasten off.
Edging: With Front and Back held wrong sides together, join Color 1 with slip stitch in back loop only of any st. Working through both thicknesses and
back loops only (slipping ornament inside when 14 sts remain), 1 sc in next sc. *Ch 2. 1 sc in next sc. Rep from * to last 6 sts. Fasten off, leaving opening
at top for hanging loop.

Knitted Christmas Candle and Holder

10 yards red and 20 yards green knitting worsted yarn
Size 8 d.p. needles
Candle: With red, cast on 9 stitches on d.p. needles, 3 stitches on each needle. Knit in rounds until candle is 4 inches long.
Next, p1 round, k1 round.
Last round: K 2 tog around. Cut yarn and pull end through the remaining 5 sts.
Candle Stick Holder: With green, cast on 12 sts. 4 sts on each needle. P1 round, k1 round for 5 rounds. Knit in rounds from now on until piece measures
1-1/2 inches. There will be 2 garter stitch ridges around the center.
On next round: (k1 inc in next st) repeat around. K next round. Repeat these 2 rounds having 1 more st between increases until you have 30 sts.
Next round: (k2 inc in next st) repeat around. (40 sts) K1 round. Now, p1 round, k1 round for 5 rounds. This will give you 2 k garter st ridges around
rim. Bind off 36 sts. Work in st on remaining sts for handle until handle is 2-1/2 inches long. Bind off and sew end of handle to underside of holder.

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