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October 12, 2019.

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Tech corner: Subbing for John by Lori Motis.
Blind man walking Checkin in by Joshua Loya.
Living with low vision: Wild weather by Donna Williams.
Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady: Personal update.
Uplift,inspirational: October scare time.
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary: Tips at the airport by Donna J. Jodhan.

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From the editor:

Happy October readers!

Falling leaves, pumpkins and hot apple cider are the memories I have of this wonderful time of year. Yes, this is my absolute favorite time of year. Even though the sun is not so warm, and the days are shortening, there is something special about this season for me. I think my parents really made it special for us five girls in our early years. I have fond memories with family during the whole October through December holidays. I am grateful I could see during those early years and those visions of the changing leaves and all the special times really stick in my mind. Thank you to my mom and dad for making my early years so special. They have both passed on, but I sure do appreciate what they did for us girls back in those young years of my life. They were truly special.

I want to thank our sponsor for this month’s issue. You must check out her jewelry. I have a pair of the Falling Leaves earrings, and they are spectacular. I have received many compliments.

Being Joshua’s mom, I must brag. I am so very proud of him in all his accomplishments. I want to share two links below. The first is a recent news clip from a San Diego TV news channel, and the second is from a recent podcast where he was interviewed. I think you will enjoy them.

This month’s news has some wonderful articles and notices. Our craft writer is out this month due to health concerns. Please lift her up in prayer. If you have any recipes to share with readers for the upcoming holidays, please email me. My back is still giving me some physical pain and I am not able to write too much at a time, so any contributions are greatly appreciated.

I do hope you are enjoying the autumn season where you live. May you take time to pause and be still during the rush of life. These days I feel people do not take time to stop and be grateful and meditate on the good things.
God bless,
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
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New and used:

Another Chance at Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey

by Leonore H. Dvorkin
Third edition C 2012 / 154 pages in print
In e-book ($3.99) and print ($9.95) from Amazon and other online sellers.
The second edition (C 2009) is also in audio from Audible.

About the book:

In 1998, at the age of 52, I had breast cancer and a left-side mastectomy, with no reconstruction. That was my eighth major operation, but my first for the treatment of a life-threatening disease.
Soon after the operation, I became aware that there were unexpected benefits to be reaped from this experience. Eventually I decided to write a book detailing those many benefits, as well as my thoughts on a variety of topics related to health, health care, self-image, and the value of courage and optimism in the face of adversity.
Surviving breast cancer left me a happier, calmer, more focused, and more appreciative person. Now my principal message to other women is that breast cancer does not have to be an entirely negative, terror-inducing experience. On the contrary, it can leave them better off than they were before, both physically and emotionally. I know, because it happened to me. My book is primarily the story of that physical and emotional journey.
The five appendices offer practical information on risk factors for breast cancer, ways to help prevent it, and more.
Selected review quotes:

“Beautiful, moving, informative, uplifting.” – Lee Christopher, retired English professor

“Leonore Dvorkin writes with refreshing simplicity and lack of woe. The book reads like a novel, so engaging is her style. She ends her story with a gentle, reflective chapter of great wisdom called ‘Aging, Accepting, and Appreciating.’ This book is the epitome of healing after trauma.” – Patricia Wellingham-Jones in Recovering the Self magazine

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EZ-Outlet replaces the usual electrical outlet cover making it safer and easier for the blind the elderly and those with less motor function to plug in their electrical and electronic devices.

The struggle is over, thanks to - EZ OUTLET. It's a simple new outlet cover design that makes it super-easy to guide the plug into the wall outlet - Even if you don't see well, or have limited hand-mobility.
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Contoured design guides the plug right in
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One simple step is all that’s needed to replace any existing plug cover
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Wanted, to trade, or to give away:

As many of you know, the National Federation of the Blind is distributing free slates and styluses to blind people in the United States.
In our new Youtube video, Dr. Maurer talks about this program. He discusses the usefulness of the slate and stylus­the original, and still most flexible and practical, Braille writing tool, and its importance to Braille literacy. Please share this video with everyone you know who uses Braille or is interested in using or learning the code­the key to success for blind children and adults. Here is the link to the video:
Please enjoy and share via e-mail, on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed, at NFB meetings and other gatherings of blind people, and in any other way you can imagine. Sincerely: Chris Danielsen Director of Public Relations National Federation of the Blind
Christopher S. Danielsen, J.D.
Director of Public Relations
National Federation of the Blind
200 East Wells Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Office: (410) 659-9314, extension 2330
Mobile: (410) 262-1281

ABLE accounts are available in most states to persons with disabilities who were diagnosed before age 26.
To find out more about them, go to
Open one today!

I am looking for a cube talking clock
I had one years ago and doing my move it got broken. I understand they don't make them anymore just wondering if someone had one that they wanted to sell or donate Email: ?

WANTED: gently used BrailleNote PK with braille input.
This is an 18-cell note taker that was available from Humanware in the early 2000’s. It is no longer made or supported.
If you have one and are interested in negotiating a way to get it to a new, loving home, please email me at
Thhank you very much!”


Update for Sermons on the Phone: 773-572-6206.
Here are some new sermons for you to enjoy and that will bless you.

Option 1: Guidance in Life's Decisions, by Ron Crisp.
Option 2: The Miracle of Money, by Warren Wiersbe.
Option 3: Jesus, an Example of Compassion, by Alastair Begg.
Option 4: Surprised by Blushing Water, by Kenneth Meyer.
Option 5: Our Great High Priest, by Malcom Kronk.
Option 6: Our Response to God's Love Commitment, by Lindsay Brown.
Option 7: Holiday Specials, Get Them While You Can, by Linda Stewart.
Option 8: America, by Pastor Jeffery Fugate.
Option 9: Helpers, by Ron Crisp.

Pass along!

The time is right to join Out-Of-Sight!
We are a group of blind fun-loving, congenial, and interesting people from all over the world, who use our screen-readers and microphones to play games, chat, learn, and socialize on our own internet TeamTalk server. We have a full schedule of activities every day and evening and you can drop in whenever you wish. We display our musical talents and play music in our music rooms. You can get help with your computer, your iPhone, your cooking, and your chess game, or you can just simply have fun! We also have a book-discussion group and Bible groups. There is no end to the stimulation, excitement, and camaraderie you will experience. To join us and receive your materials, simply send your real name, a preferred nickname if any, your email address, and your phone number to
We sum it up by saying: "Catch the vision--it’s Out of Sight!"

Eyes on success shows and podcasts:

1937 Starting a Small Business (Sep. 11, 2019)
Patty Fletcher operates Tell It to The World Marketing, a company that assists in outreach efforts for others. Edward Cohen’s company, EZ2See Products, makes and sells calendars for people with low vision. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Patty and Edward, both of whom are blind, about how they work together and Patty’s role in growing Edward’s business.

1940 Forage Candle – Winner of Hadley New Venture Competition (Oct. 2, 2019)
The Hadley New Venture competition is a forum for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their business plans and compete for cash prizes to help jump start promising ventures. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Colleen Wunderlich, who runs the program, along with last year’s winner, Lisa Smith, about the program and how it impacted Lisa’s company Forage Candle.

As usual, the audio, show notes, and much more can be found at:
folks can also subscribe to the podcast in Apple podcasts or wherever they get their podcasts. And now people can also listen on their Amazon or Google smart home devices by simply saying “play eyes On Success podcast”.

Services and training.

Business and employment opportunities:

Tech corner

This month by Lori Motis

John will be back next month with another great article. I thought I would share what I am doing with my own training and to give you three places you can go to get some help and more information on your Apple products.

I have recently started a training course through iBug. It is an introduction to the Mac, and I am in the third week of an eight-week class. I bought my MacBook air about three or so years ago, and have played with it, but have never felt completely comfortable depending on it for all my computer needs. I have always been a Windows user.

Learning a new operating system, or learning anything new, can be difficult. I find the older I get, the harder it seems to be. I have an iPhone, my second one. When I got my first one, A 4S, it was quite the challenge to learn. I eventually got it and am so glad I did. It is such a valuable tool for me as a blind person.

My Mac has been quite another story. When I heard about this free class starting up to learn the Mac, at least the basics with Voice Over, I was all in. I have been very happy thus far with the instruction. We use the Zoom app for the call, and it is working out great.

I have listed three resources below for anyone that would like more info on iBug and the two other places that I have gone to get help with my Apple devices. I hope they will help you.

I will be purchasing a newer iPhone soon, since my current device, iPhone 6, will not be able to upgrade to iOS 13. Now another thing to learn, but well, they say it is good for this old brain!

iBUG Today
Empowering the Blind Through Accessible Technology Training

iBUG Today, Inc. is a non-profit organization promoting the individual independence, social integration, and educational development of the blind and visually impaired community through accessible technology. iBUG (blind Users Group) endeavors to transform the blind community through accessible technology so they can live extraordinary lives full of independence, productivity, communication and social integration in a world where everything is within the realm of possibility.

More and more of our community are finding the Apple devices to be useful assistive technology tools in their daily lives. Whether at home, at work or school, or on the go – the accessibility features of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac have cleared new pathways for the visually impaired to be more productive, consume online content, stay connected through social media and have fun.

Please explore our website to learn more about iBUG and for additional information related to our accessibility training.

A community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple's range of Mac computers, the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

AppleVis strives to empower the community by offering multiple pathways to access and share relevant and useful information. As a community, we seek to encourage and support people in exploring the many ways in which Apple products and related applications can offer opportunities to the vision-impaired for personal enrichment, independence and empowerment.

AppleVis also offers resources and mechanisms for raising awareness of the accessibility of Apple products and related applications, and for promoting further advancement in accessibility.

Getting Started with Your First Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch
If you’ve just got your first Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, congratulations!
To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of selected content from right across the AppleVis website which we believe will answer many of your initial questions and familiarize you with the accessibility features of your new Apple product

Apple accessibility
Apple has a telephone number for accessibility related questions and technical support.
The toll-free number is (877) 204-3930. Representatives are available to assist with iOS inquiries Monday-Friday 6 am to 11 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 6 am to 10 PM central time. For all other products, specialists are available 8 am to 10 PM central time, 7 days a week. This number can also be used to file accessibility bug reports.

Blind man walking

Checking in
By Joshua Loya

Hello fellow fans of my mom! (In case you were unaware, my mother is Lori Motis, the Food Lady.) It has been some time since I wrote anything of substance for The Blind Post. In the time since you last heard from me, I retired my guide dog, Hobbs. He was one of the greatest dogs I could have ever asked for. Retiring him brought on some very difficult emotions. In fact, my PTSD symptoms flared up dramatically. It was worse, because I had a very significant surf contest, and I was the defending champ. Lots of pressure on me.

I began to cycle through thoughts which made me question my worth. I became very judgmental of myself, and I didn’t truly process what was going on inside my head until a week or two after my surf contest.

Very quickly, I came in second. I surfed very well, but I was outscored by Kirk Watson of Australia. It was close, and I still had a chance to win until the very end. I was even in the lead for a brief period during the last heat we surfed, but Kirk caught a nice wave with 5 minutes left, and I was not able to get that big bomb wave that would have secured my victory 2 years in a row. I am very proud of how well I surfed, and I am already hard at work preparing for next year’s contest.

Once the contest was over, the pressure was off, and I could concentrate on seeing what I needed to do to get healthy on the inside. I had some very valuable therapy visits, and I processed some things I will still keep private for the time being. I am much healthier now, and I do want to share with you one very important thing I learned.

A close friend and I were talking about the shame that I had at receiving my PTSD diagnosis. For years, I knew I had something wrong with me, but I really didn’t want to put a label on it because I was afraid of what that meant. I had internalized the idea that because I had post-traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder, my two primary diagnoses, that I was irrevocably damaged and defective. Mind you, this is not my constant thought, but it is where my mind goes in the darker periods of my mental illness.

Here’s the really powerful shift stemming from my conversation with my friend, and later backed up by my therapist. People call post-traumatic stress a disorder, not because the person who has it is disordered, but because the post-traumatic stress is creating disorder in their life. I realize that it sounds like semantics, and it is. It is also an important distinction, and, for me, it dramatically changed the way I think about my diagnosis.

I am not broken. I do not need to be fixed. My symptoms and my struggles are perfectly reasonable responses based on the totality of my experiences and my biology. It doesn’t mean that all of my responses are healthy, and that is why I am receiving therapy… So I can respond in healthier ways to my PTSD. Mental illness is hard enough. I do not need to make it harder by being ashamed of it.

An extra note: I’ve been putting in more work developing my skills as a stand-up comedian, and it is my intention to talk about this ongoing adventure in my next column. In the meantime, please know that I love and appreciate each of you who take the time to read my articles. Mahalo and God bless you!

Joshua “The Jedi” Loya - Professional Adventurer
Available now for public speaking and personal coaching.

Living with low vision

Wild Weather
By Donna Williams

This is the month when all the spooks come out to play and typically I’ve picked out a scary book to read. It is my Halloween tradition to frighten myself just a little bit to celebrate. The selection I’ve chosen is about a couple who are dealing with an unending torrential rainstorm that is out of control. As I read I’m reminded of scary experiences I’ve had involving wild weather. It should also be no surprise that as I write this article it is raining outside my window. What a perfect scene for reminiscing and sharing these frightening experiences with you.

Almost struck
After spending a nice day visiting with relatives at my Grandparent’s house my parents told us it was time to leave. As we began picking up toys and packing up what we’d brought with us from home it began to thunder. My sisters and I were hurriedly rushed to the car and we drove home. On the way it began to pour. Thunder and lightning seemed to be relentlessly giving us a spectacular show. The rain wasn’t letting up either. During our car ride it had become torrential and showed no signs of giving us an opportunity to make a run for the house. My parents were in the front seat talking softly. They knew it was late and we needed to be in bed if we were going to get up for Sunday school the next day. After much debate a plan was formed. My mom would take my sister with her and unlock the door. Then my older sister and I would run together so I could be guided. My dad would bring up the rear. Once my mom and younger sister were safely inside the house my dad told my older sister and I we could go. We jumped out of the car and ran. My dad was right behind us. I’d just opened the door and was about to step into the kitchen when my dad gave me a great shove from behind. I flew through the air and landed on the door jamb with all my weight coming down on my knees. Despite this my dad continued pushing me. I was crying and when my mom saw the blood oozing from my knees she began yelling at my dad. Since I realized he wasn’t going to stop pushing me I decided I’d better crawl inside. Doing this allowed him to enter the house quickly and slam the door. My mom continued to berate him and when he was able to get a word in edgewise he told her that the reason he pushed me so hard was because the hairs on the back of his neck had stood up on end. To him it was a sure sign that we were going to be struck. I remember attempting to rise from the floor and my dad screaming no at me. He had also told the others to lie on the floor. We waited for the thunder and lightning and sure enough it was very vivid and loud. I don’t know if we would have been struck that night but what happened was scary enough to make me wary of thunderstorms.

The Great Flood
That was not my only encounter with lightning. In July of 1990 I attended a camping session for blind adults. During the time I spent there it must have rained at least once a day. The rest of the time it was hot and humid almost to the point of being unbearable. On the 13th day the sky opened up as usual but this time the rain seemed heavier and wasn’t letting up. I decided to run back to my cabin to get my windbreaker thinking it might help some. By the time I got there I was soaked and decided to take the time to change my shirt. For some reason my gut began telling me I needed to hurry up. Instead of searching for my friend’s jacket as I was planning on doing I just put my coat on and ran as fast as I could toward the main building where I was sure everyone would be gathering. The storm was very close and seemed to drown out everything else. However I suddenly heard another more ominous sound. It was a loud rumbling like a truck engine. I turned around and to my horror I saw the brick wall I’d just run past seconds before falling to the ground. As the wall crumbled I realized that if I’d stayed and attempted to find my friend’s coat I’d have been crushed by the debris. It was falling so fast I wouldn’t have been able to get away from it. That’s not the end of the story though. Once I arrived at the main building I realized my friend was missing. I tried going back out in the storm to locate her but a quick thinking counselor pulled me back into the lodge slamming the door. She pushed me to the floor and threw herself on top. I pushed her off and as I did I jumped up. What I saw amazed me. A bolt of lightning arced downward and touched the ground right where I’d have been standing if I’d have gone outside. That storm was horrible. The camp was flooded and had to close for the rest of the summer.

Tornado in the Sky
When Hurricane Irene struck the East coast we found ourselves under a tornado warning. I didn’t take it seriously because the weathermen have a tendency to over exaggerate conditions. Not expecting this situation to be any different. I went about my normal routine as much as possible. I heard trains come and go from the station across the street from my apartment. At one point transportation was suspended due to flooding so it surprised me to hear what I thought was an express train coming down the tracks. As I listened though I became aware that the direction was wrong. It sounded as though the train was planning to ride right through my apartment. Then it hit me this was no train at all but the tornado we’d been warned about. I ran in the bathroom and slammed the door. I had no bottled water, flashlight, or cell phone. All I had were the clothes on my back. I stood there in the dark listening for around 5 minutes. Hearing nothing else unusual I ventured out. Everything was fine and I tried telling myself that I had imagined the whole episode. That is until a friend of mine called and asked if I was ok. He lives across the street from me and he’d heard that express sound too. We were both thanking god that night that the tornado passed over us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these scary experiences I’ve shared. Until next month, BOO!
I’d love sharing in your experiences of living with low vision. Feel free to email me at: .

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady

I absolutely love this time of year. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen—trying new recipes and just having fun with food.
As many of you know, I have been trying various eating plans. Mostly because I am wanting to feel better, lose weight, and lower my blood pressure. I deal with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and high blood pressure. I could stand to lose about 40 pounds.

The plant-based diet did not work for me. I had too much gastric upset and always felt unsatisfied.
I thought, my dog and cat eat a grain free diet and they are both very healthy. I decided to investigate this on You Tube. I was encouraged by what I heard. I looked up books on Bard and read a couple from William Davis M.D. and learned a lot.

My husband, Hungry and I decided to give it a go.
We are now in our third week of this way of eating, still learning, but are already noticing some positive results.

It is true about today’s wheat and grains- that they stimulate your appetite to want to keep eating more. Almost all processed foods put wheat in their products to keep you wanting more. I have been learning so much from reading other books too.

So, what do we eat? We eat whole single ingredient foods, but without any grains at all. We don’t miss the grains at all. We eat good and are not hungry. We are feeling better and are starting to notice a bit of weight-loss.

It has been a bit of a challenge to create a menu plan, but slowly, I am getting it all figured out.

I mostly buy organic produce, organic dairy, grass fed and pastured raised meats and eggs, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, gluten free items, but not the kinds with all the starches, because they will just raise your blood sugar, like sugar does. We have also limited our sugar intake a lot. We mostly use small amounts of maple syrup and/or stevia or raw honey. We do not miss our morning toast at all. I have been enjoying Larabars with my morning coffee, until I can find or make something else. Sometimes I skip the bar and just have my coffee and then eat a normal breakfast of scrambled eggs in grass fed butter with spinach or kale.

My Instant Pot has come in handy with making soups and stews, and even roasts. I have done some baking with nut flours and coconut flour and want to continue trying more baked items without grains. I just made sweet potato toast in my oven this afternoon, and it was delicious.

I am sure you have heard of Paleo and keto diets and the Whole30 plan. This is like those.

Here is how I make sweet potato toast:

I bought organic sweet potatoes at the store this week. There are several ways to do this, which you can find online or on You Tube. What I did:
I washed my sweet potatoes, about three medium sweet potatoes. First, I set my oven to 400 degrees. Then I lined a large rimmed baking sheet with the precut parchment paper. I used an extra virgin avocado oil to lightly grease the top of the parchment paper.You can substitute any other healthy oil like coconut or olive oil. I sliced my sweet potatoes into about a half inch or less slices and placed them on the lined baking sheet. I baked them for about 35 minutes. I let them cool a couple of minutes. We tasted them plain and then decided to put cream cheese on them. We thought of many ways of making them with various toppings. Some on the sweet side and some more savory. It sure makes a great snack or side dish.

Do you have some grain free recipes you would like to share? Please email me your gluten free recipes or you can also send in any holiday recipes for the November and December news. I know this diet is not for everyone, but so far, I am liking it and so is Hungry.
Food Lady

Do you have a how to question on cooking

methods or home management?
as a visually challenged person?
Email and I will answer your question and post it in a future article.

Uplift, inspirational stories.

October scare time

1 Corinthians 10:12-13 King James Version (KJV)
12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.
13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

October is here and its once a year Goblins have been assigned to ring your door bell in search of treats, and many, who remember their own goblin days are attempting to feed them and behold the effort that makes up the imaginary and sometimes even cute disguises. Some go overboard with extreme masks and gore; and some take this suppose to be fun outing to kill, steal and even to destroy others and their property. That brings me to the scary part of October. October brings a slew of scary movies, situations, and acts to the foreground. Some feel obligated to perform out of the norm. Their performances, however, do not begin to compare to the awful that awaits those who prefer nasty over nice. We are living in a time launched society. We’ve all been given the same amount of time; no one has more minutes in the hour than another. In a moment, our time will be no more and (This is scary!) how will our time cards look? Will we point to our neighbor, Goody Two Shoes and Larry Loves the LORD as they receive their crowns and excuse our own friendly folly? Will we attempt to explain to the LORD that the time He gave you was insufficient and so it was spent laughing at others, spilling bad jokes, playing tricks instead of giving treats, boasting of your movie collections, cars, fine wine, beautiful friends, and inwardly wanting to do good or whatever; but not having the strength or the ability to hear or do what was right.

You might even inwardly wonder if GOD, Himself could have endured the pressure to do good, and the Word will give you these subtle reminders:

GOD can do two things at a time.
Example: With His Right Hand He brought the family of Lot to the Light of Zoar; and with His Left Hand He rained fire and brimstone on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
GOD’S Hands are always moving in similar manner.

With His Right Hand He shut and locked the doors of the ark, locking Noah and His family into His care and safety; and with His Left Hand He opened the faucets of Heaven and the fountains of the deep, to float the vessel laughed at by unbelievers who asked and mocked, “Where is the water that can float such a large vessel.
Again, we know that with His Right Hand He caused the waters of the Red Sea to go back all that night to promote passage for His People; while with His Left Hand He poured darkness onto the pursuing Egyptians who were surrounded by darkness, so thick that the army was immobilized; but the Light of GOD Brightly and Beautifully made the Sea dry ground and the waters stand up on the right side and the left.

Imagine a problem like that! You or I wouldn’t know what to do with all of the water in front of us; but GOD! He had the unusual solution, the GOD solution to the most unlikely situation. Who wouldn’t serve That GOD?

“I’m not afraid, Mommy, cause when it gets real scary, I just close my eyes and wait until the music tells me and then I look and the bad part of the movie is over.” (There will come a time when closing your eyes will not suffice; because the ‘awful’ is around, without compassion and you will need to know the One Who renders your means of escape. )

GOD can do many things at a time; but He doesn’t expect that of His Creation, that is why He gave us the power of choice. When we choose to spend our time in a certain way, He will abundantly reward; not necessarily in the goods of this world; but His rewards are Eternal and Everlasting, if we can only believe. We have no problem working an eight hour shift and believing that a man, as fragile as we all are, will pay you the salary that he promised. Why can’t we believe that GOD, the Sovereign of the Universe keeps His Promise? If you cannot close your eyes to the horrors of the world, turn your back and run to the Light of Love, Liberty and Life.

I pray for all and that you have a safe and Joy filled Season, from October to January and of course, beyond.
IN CHRIST I REMAIN… True – A Christian Writer.

From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

Tips at the airport

I'd like to offer some tips to my readers based on my years of travel experience. The first thing to remember is that not every airport is the same. As a matter of fact, each airport is a wee bit different from the rest. If you keep this in mind then you are off to a good start.

Smaller airports may be a bit friendlier than their larger counterparts. It may be easier to find luggage porters and airline agents but do not view this as an absolute given.

Do not take for granted that you will always find helpful airline or airport staff. Be prepared to ask for assistance at every turn. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask for or seek help.

Make sure that if you are a cane traveler that your cane is always visible.

Be ready with your travel documents; your passport, any other photo ID, and o yes! A printed copy of your travel itinerary that you should have printed out before leaving home. This itinerary is what you get when you book either online or through a travel agent or even directly through your airline.

Most of the time you would not need this itinerary but it never hurts to have it on hand.

If you have used a credit card to book your ticket, then walk with this credit card.

Your credit card is almost always what you will need to use when paying to have the airline take your check in luggage.

Make sure that your check in luggage weighs below the specified weight limit for check in luggage and the same for your carry on luggage.

This should be a good start for you.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

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