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May 11, 2019
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Tech corner is back, Using the iPhone the very basic but little-known gesture by John Harden
Living with low vision, Unexpected Emergency Preparedness By Donna Williams
Blind man walking, challenging the task by Joshua Loya
Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady,, I love aprons.
Blind people talking, Some Easter memories, from a reader.
Uplift,inspirational: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – MOTHERS. (Another installment of ‘The Red Heads’)
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary, When packing your carry on by Donna J. Jodhan
Yarn, hook and needle, Charity knitting by Phyllis Campbell

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From the editor:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s reading this issue of the Blind Post classified news. I hope your day is a wonderful one. My mother passed away back in 2007. It is hard to believe that it has been that long. I miss her and sometimes wish I had a mom to talk with and share things with. We were closer the last few years of her life than I had been for most of my adult life. She sure was a wonderful nurturing mom when I was little and had to be in hospital many years of my young life. She really made those times special for me and I knew I was loved. My adult life changed our relationship drastically, mostly due to my own rebellion, and I wish I could change that, but we can’t change the past. We can only live today and look to the future and be better now. It is not healthy to hold on to regrets. They will only bring us down. I am thankful that my mom and I shared our feelings of regret and forgiveness before she left this earthly world. I hope and pray that I will see her again one day in Heaven.

I am very excited to announce that we have a new tech writer, John, and he has an excellent article for us this month. Lots of great notices and articles this month I know you will enjoy. I did not get a sponsor for this month. If you are interested in sponsoring the June Blind Post, please contact me. You can read all about sponsoring and posting notices toward the end of this news.

If you should ever feel like giving a subscription donation, you can through PayPal using or if you prefer to send a check, email me for my address. I have offered the news free of any subscriptions for over eight years and I don’t want to now either, but I have heard from some readers that think that I should. I rely on the sponsors and any paid notices to assist with my costs and the time I put into publishing the news. I sincerely appreciate all the folks that have sponsored the news in the past and I am grateful to be able to bring this news to you each month.

I always love hearing from you and am very appreciative that you share the Blind Post with your friends and families.
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
A great place to share and sell!

New and used:

I have compiled a scripture book about

It is approximately 20 Braille pages.
It is available in Ueb Braille, and grade one, (uncontracted Braille, and grade two (contracted Braille.
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Carvin electric guitar, made in California, 2 hum buckers, flame
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Traditional Hymns That Speak to the Heart.

There are 18 songs on this disk, most accompanied by two different professional organists, and I played the guitar as accompaniment to four of those songs. One CD is $10. Because of the number of songs on it, it is really like getting two CD's. If you want to share a couple more with others to bless them, you can purchase three disks for $25.
Call Linda Stewart 859-587-2060 to order.

Wanted, to trade, or to give away:

Hi. Joshua Loya of Blind Man Walking here.

I have a lot of adventures scheduled for 2019, and I'd love to have your support. If you are so
inclined to offer financial help, I'd really appreciate it. My fund
raising page can be found at:

Thank you. Remember, Adventure is a state of mind. How you live it is up to you!


Sermons on the Phone: 773-572-6206.

As we get older we tend to hear more and more about people getting serious illnesses and even dying. There comes a time when our bodies can't be depended upon to ward off the things that they could before, and all of a sudden we find out we have something that is going to take our life, or the life of a dear person we love. The sermons I have to share with you this time are mostly sermons having to do with encouragement through suffering and struggles. I put them up May 4th. They stay up two weeks until Saturday evening 7 p.m. EST. We need to be prepared by internalizing these sermons and truly absorb them, to help ourselves and also those others who may be so devastated they do not know where to turn. Please take the time to listen to them. And please tell others about this service.
Welcome to a new update of Sermons on the Phone: 773-572-6206.
Option 1: When Faith Is in the Fire, by Adrian Rogers.
Option 2: Going Through Difficult Times, by Bruce Dunn.
Option 3: Part 4: Is Life Worth Living, by Pastor Jeffery Fugate.
Option 4: Going Through Spiritual Warfare, Pastor Unknown.
Option 5: The Conquering Christian, by Adrian Rogers.
Option 6: Knowing Your Name Is in the Lamb's Book of Life, by Ron Crisp.
Option 7: The Cross Shows God's Attributes, by Erwin Lutzer.
Option 8: Dealing with Discouragement: by David Morris.
Option 9: Why Suffering, by Bruce Dunn.
for updates.

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Thanks to those who responded to my call for comments about blindness and faith healing.

Here’s the article. Share, leave comments and of course send
thoughts and ideas for future articles to:
“Blindness & Faith Healing: an Old Street Performer's Musings”

If you make and sell craft items and are coming to the NFB Convention,
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A group of very friendly folks who enjoy each other’s company with thoughts and ideas of things happening with them personally or with the world in general! LOL!
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The Virginia association of workers for the blind is having our Centennial celebration

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We are located at 341 Oak st.,Burkeville, Va. 23922.Call 434 767 4080 for reservations.
All blind , visually impaired and sighted people are invited.Festivities start at 11 am and conclude at 4 pm. You may call Quality Inn , if we are booked. Their phone is 434 767 3750

Check out Eyes On Success radio and podcast:

1917 Tragedy to Triumph Racing (Apr. 24, 2019)
Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Dan Parker who was fully sighted at the age of 41 when he was injured in a drag racing accident that left him totally blind. Despite his injuries Dan continues to build and race cars and motorcycles, went on to participate in acoustic target shooting, and also teaches machine shop to sighted high school students.

1918 Google Products and Services – An Overview (May 1, 2019)
Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Eve Andersson, Director of Accessibility Engineering at Google, about the accessibility of various Google products and services and how they can be used by people who are visually impaired. Learn about the Google Accessibility support team, the new Lookout app, as well as what is new with Google Docs, Android, and more.

As usual, folks can download episodes from our searchable archive of over 400 episodes at: Podcast is also available wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen on your smart home device by saying “play Eyes On Success podcast”.

Let me tell you about the Virginia Association of Workers for the Blind.

We have the Burkeville lodge for the blind, located in Burkeville, Virginia. We are a 501 c 3 organization that receives no Federal or state funding. We are a low cost vacation place with swimming pool, fishing/boating pond, walking trail with hand rails, gazebo with ramp and steps, semi and private rooms, talking books and games ...Uno and bingo. Call 434 767 4080 for reservations or call me , Richard, at 757 468 0277
Check out or web site
We have blind, visually impaired and sighted people visit us.

Services and training.

If you have a Perkins Braille writer that is not working as well as it should, or is not working at all John Harden’s Quality Brailler Repair Service can help.

The basic price for cleaning, lubricating and adjusting a Brailler is $85.

After your Braille Writer has been serviced we recommend that you keep it covered when not in use. To this end John Harden’s Perkins Brailler Service has made a soft black canvas machine cover that is very affordable. the best part is this cover sells for only $20.

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If you need your Brailler repaired, if you need a new cover for your Brailler, if you need to buy a used Brailler or if you need your Brailler refinished contact John Harden by email
You can also call or text John at 386-846-1325 for additional information.
You can send the Braille Writer to:
John Harden
145 North Halifax Ave.
Unit 605
Daytona Beach, FL 32118-4291

Business and employment opportunities:

Tech corner is back!
Using the iPhone the very basic but little-known gesture
By John Harden

Once you start using your iPhone you quickly learn to flick right or left to the item you want and double tap on it with one finger. This is the most basic gesture although somewhat time consuming. This is especially slow if the item you want is near the bottom of the screen and you are starting at the top.

A faster and perhaps easier way to activate an app or function is to use the Split Tap. This is accomplished by touching the screen near where you think the item is and slowly drag your finger until you hear what you are seeking. When you find it do not lift your finger but touch the screen anywhere with another finger. This will activate the item that your first finger is resting on.

As you explore the screen by dragging your finger around you will quickly learn the location of the apps you use most regularly. Before long you will find yourself putting your finger right on the app you want and then you will drop another finger and you are up and running.

Another place where I find the split tap to be really nice is when I’m in an app that has buttons rather than just the letter or number that I want to type. Or, if you use standard typing rather than touch typing. In these cases you can slide your finger around the screen and when you hear the letter or number you want just touch the screen with another finger and you never have to pick up the first finger. I was sending $20 to a friend. In PayPal I slid my finger to the number 2 and touched then I slid to the 0 and touched three times, (once for each 0) and I was done.

Have you ever launched an app accidentally? Chances are you did this by touching two points on the screen at the same time. Both touches don’t have to be with fingers. It is very easy to be flicking around the screen and have part of your hand touch the bottom of the screen. Knowing how the split finger touch works gives you a big start at correcting these errors.

In two months I may very well write something about typing and editing text without getting confused. Please let the editor know if there is something you would like me to address. Thank you for reading.

Living with low vision
Unexpected Emergency Preparedness
By Donna Williams

A few weeks ago I was awakened in the middle of the night by an alert on my phone. The county I live in was under a rare tornado warning. We were supposed to be getting severe storms that night so prior to going to bed I partially enacted my emergency preparedness plan. I filled up my favorite huge water bottle, made sure I had new working batteries in my big flashlight, and decided to leave it along with my transistor radio in the bathroom overnight. What I failed to think about was what I wore to bed. The night was hot so I decided to wear my favorite silky nightgown. When I woke up and was informed to implement my emergency plans immediately I did just that. I ran to my kitchen and grabbed my water bottle, along with the meds not already stored in my pocketbook and put them in there. Then still holding my purse I ran for the bathroom which is the only interior room without windows in my apartment. . The thunder was loud and the lightning was very vivid. I really thought we were going to get something major. As I sat on the bathroom floor listening to the storm it finally dawned on me that I was dressed inappropriately if something happened and I needed to be rescued. Thankfully the warning was canceled and I could come out of hiding. I guess I can only give myself an A minus for preparedness though since I should have taken the time to get changed into actual clothes too.

It’s ironic that we participate in fire and security drills as well as forming plans if a disaster strikes. However when it comes to curveballs life can throw at us we aren’t usually prepared. I thought about this as I sat in my Eye Doctor’s office listening to her tell me that we were almost out of options for controlling the pressure in the one good eye I had left. I wanted to cry, rant, rave, and at the first opportunity I had alone I did just that. I’m scared and don’t want to lose all of my vision. I grieved for what was, is and will come. Then I had a tough conversation with myself.

As my mind attempted to process everything it became clear that I now needed an emergency preparedness plan for my life. At first that was only a thought I could set aside and examine much later on. I was taking a new eye drop and hoping it would work. I prayed really hard on it and decided to not dwell on the negative. That worked for a few days. Then one morning I woke up and no matter what I did I couldn’t remove whatever was poking at my eyeball. That’s because there wasn’t anything to remove. After washing my hands really good I gently stuck my finger in my eye and probed around the lids and eyeball. I knew what was happening. This new drop was causing irritation. I called my Eye doctor and informed her what was going on and she reminded me that we were almost out of treatment options. She told me to continue using that drop but gave me suggestions to relieve the discomfort. Shortly after that my vision began to blur so bad I could no longer read large print or see the time on my watch.

So it was time to plan. After attempting to go visit a friend last Saturday and finding that all I could see while traveling outside was a world of white I knew I had to utilize the cane technique I had been taught as a child. I traveled to and from his house safely however I didn’t feel very confident as I walked. I kept stopping and swinging my cane all around me before I continued. I wanted to really make sure there was nothing there that I could fall over or run into.

At this writing my vision hasn’t improved. It’s no worse but no better either. I don’t know what the future holds for me but here’s how I’m attempting to prepare myself. I’ve been checking out Braille watches online. Sure I have a cell phone with a clock that talks on it but I’d like to have the ability to check the time discreetly. I also plan on going for walks using my cane every day. This will help me gain confidence in trusting what it’s telling me so when I need to go somewhere really important I will be able to travel with confidence.

I think the best two weapons I possess as I face the future are my faith in God and keeping a positive attitude. God will not allow me to go through anything I can’t handle. As I walk down this unknown and at times scary road it’s going to be all about mind over matter.

I’d love sharing in your experiences of living with no or low vision. Feel free to contact me at:
You can read more of Donna’s writings at: .

Blind man walking
Challenging the task
By Joshua Loya

I’ve done a lot of things people would think impossible. I have 5 black belts and ranks in 7 different martial arts styles. I became a national surfing champion in less than a year of formal surf training. I was the first 100% blind surfer to ride Kelly Slater’s wave pool. I routinely spar and grapple people who way out class me, and I recently bent a 16 penny nail with my bare hands. I’ve done more, and I will continue to do more. That said, I still have fear, insecurity, and doubt. I’ve recently learned a very powerful way to move beyond these disempowering thoughts.

The last week of April, I attended the 2019 JKDA (Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association) Enter the Tao Texas Retreat. I, along with roughly 30 people spent 5 nights and 4 days training and challenging ourselves through martial arts traning, meditation, and shared experiences. It was an absolutely life changing experience, and I intend to return in 2020.

Sifu Harinder Singh, President and CEO of the JKDA, was the primary teacher at the retreat. One of the things he talked about was the importance of becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. Sifu Singh quoted Bruce Lee, founder of Jeet Kune Do, “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” The idea is this. When we become comfortable, we become soft and unable to move and withstand adversity. When we strive for strength and resiliency, we can more fully appreciate the moments of peace when they present themselves.

The first night I arrived in Texas, Andrea, my wife, and I made our way to the Texas JKD school in El Campo, run by the husband and wife team of Sifu Clay Pratka and Beverly Pratka. Very soon after entering the school, we greeted Sifu Singh with warm words and hugs. Almost as soon as we said hello, Sifu Singh said, “Do you like steak?” I, of course, told him that I did. “Well, I know you like challenges. They have a 72 ounce steak challenge over there at the restaurant across the street.” Sifu got my wheels turning, and I pondered it. I hadn’t eaten almost anything all day, and I wanted a big meal, and I didn’t want to have to pay for it.

After the introductory talk, a large group of us made our way to Greek Brothers in El Campo, just across the street from the school. It was dollar an ounce night, but I knew what I wanted. Sifu Singh had gotten in my head.

I had to eat 72 ounces of ribeye steak, a loaded baked potato (pretty much 4 potatoes worth with bacon and cheese), and a large salad with my dressing of choice in under an hour. I was good until I hit the half way point. and then it became work. Sifu Singh cheered me on the whole way, and reminded me of the breathing and mental exercises he taught earlier that night. It got really tough toward the end, and my gag reflex kicked in more than once. (Remember, 72 ounces is 4 and ½ pounds of meat.) Sifu kept reminding me to breathe, and I was able to stay calm and keep moving forward, despite how challenging the task was. I finished this giant feast with 23 seconds to spare. I wasn’t hungry after that.

It was a good anchor point for me, and it helped me realize that mindset is everything. No matter how capable we are, we need to believe we can do something, or we will fail. If we have the proper mindset, with startling frequency, we will exceed what we would generally believe to be possible. The experience really served to help me have the proper mindset going into the rest of the retreat, and I would need it.

There were a lot of techniques which were new to me, and I felt a little foolish and awkward during a couple of the sessions. I realized that I felt very uncomfortable feeling awkward or foolish. Then, I remembered Sifu quoting Bruce Lee, and I dug in even deeper to the feeling of awkwardness, and I relished in it. I was able to move more fluidly in a way that I never had, and I didn’t care if I was foolish because I was doing my best to grow and learn.

Each of us will find different things difficult and scary. What is easy for me may be absolutely terrifying to you, and vice versa. The point is to dig deeper, and find a way to become comfortable in the uncomfortable moments, so we can grow to be strong enough to endure the difficult road ahead. Then, when we find our oasis moments, we can drink them with deeper appreciation than we would have if that was our normal.

Joshua Loya is a martial artist and professional adventurer living
near San Diego, California.
Learn more about him by visiting his website:
Email him at

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady:

Food Lady loves aprons. I have several. I wear an apron when I cook and clean in the kitchen. I don’t like to get anything on my clothing like food and water. I also wear the apron when I eat, especially when I am dressed and ready to go out somewhere and want to stay fresh and clean, or when I am eating pancakes with maple syrup in my robe and PJs. I don’t want to have sticky stuff down my front.

I have also found that having an apron dedicated to grooming the dog and cat help tremendously with pet hair all over me, which I do not like either.

Aprons are also a sanitary item when you are cooking. When you put on a clean apron, I like the full apron with the bib that loops over my neck and ties in the back of my waist, if you should have any pet hair on your clothing, the apron should prevent the hair flying into your food prep. It just feels more professional to me and that was how I was taught when in home economics class and when I took cooking at the school for the blind.

Men wear aprons too! They are good in the shop as well as in the kitchen. There are many uses for aprons outside as well. Carpenters wear aprons with lots of pockets too.

I find the wearing an apron also keeps me safe. Some of my shirts and blouses are a little floppy and lose and the apron keeps everything snug and close to my body, so I won’t get caught in things.
I prefer aprons with at least two pockets, more is even better.
I like to wear one when I am cleaning the house and those pockets come in handy for things I find throughout the house.

I have also seen aprons that are like a lab coat. These would really keep the pet hair off you when you groom your furry friends.
I think it would be fun to have many kinds of aprons of many styles and designs to even wear out of the house. Just think of all the embellishments you could fashion them with.
Do you have a favorite apron that you wear?
Let me know your thoughts on aprons:

Do you have a how to question on cooking methods or home management
as a visually challenged person?
Email and I will answer your question and post it in a future article.

Blind people talking:
Here are some fond Easter memories, as really Easter has several Sundays before Pentecost.

My Aunt Catherine Godley showed my mother how to make baskets out of needlepoint "canvases" and yarn. I would go to Wal-Mart with a friend and pick up or purchase the different colored plastic, colored canvases and she would make the Easter baskets for the grandchildren and I. In my pink and white basket, she bought some bunny cookies from a bakery that was in business for a long time, which it isn't now. My Aunt Catherine Godley also made us a napkin holder (paper napkins) that was made out of the same plastic canvases and it was shaped into a house.

Mom was also a great seamstress back in the day. One of my favorite Easter dresses was a yellow dotted Swiss that she made. The dress had white daisies applicably on the sleeves. The next year, she made me a pink and green (2) Easter dresses. In the spring/summer, there were white patent leather shoes and I still love patent leather's feel to this day. In the fall/winter, patent leather shoes were black.

There were also the jellybeans and Easter egg dying. One of my teachers and I did an Easter egg hunt, where she would Braille out clues, like a scavenger hunt. This was my first resource teacher, Mrs. Marian Anderson.

We used to bring the Easter lilies home from church that we put in there to honor someone or in someone's memory. All those Easter lilies in the church gave me such terrible headaches. I could handle 1 or 2 at home, but not a whole church full.
Cindy Calhoun

Uplift, inspirational stories.
(Another installment of ‘The Red Heads’)

Luke 6:36-38; (KJV)
36 “Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.
37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:
38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”

“We have the most wonderful, kind great Mother in the entire world. We have to give her something for Mother’s Day.” (The thought that in any other mind would be very magnanimous; but in the over active, unexpressed, always dreaming up minds of the Red Heads, this was a disaster waiting for a time and a place. So let’s take a glimmer at the introspection which fueled the Mother’s Day Surprises.

They went on a hunt in the kitchen and surmised that Mother likes sweet things; so out came the sugar, and Mother likes cocoa; so out came the Hershey’s cocoa; and Mother likes corn flakes, and tea, and toast, and cheerios, and oranges but really she likes apples. Now, they had all of the things that their Mother really liked, and looking at it, it was good. In fact, it was very good! They began preparing the table. They made sure that the teaspoon and the fork matched because many times they had mixed-matched silverware; but not today. It was Mother’s Day. They placed a large bowl with cornflakes and cheerio’s in it, fit for a Queen. “My Mom, the Queen.” They then brought out a matching cup and saucer, for the tea, and a large glass tumbler for her Chocolate drink.

They evaluated their hard work and came to a decision; everything was good; but this was only something to eat and Our Mother deserved more… The operative word is ‘more’.

Their Mother deserved some jewelry and they knew just what to give her. They brought out their round nosed scissors, the paste, and any kind of paper. That paper included newspaper, the funny paper, number two writing paper, magazine paper, even Christmas wrapping paper, in fact, any kind of paper with a bit of color would do the trick.

They pulled down their laddie pencils, their fat rulers, and the old trusty (eat it if you like) glue and the production line proceeded. They made a long chain of different colored rings (like the chains that go on the Christmas tree at Christmas, for a necklace and a shorter one for the bracelet. Oh Boy! This was the Mother’s Day of the year.

NOTE: Readers, you are probably wondering why these two Red Heads were alone so much, well, they weren’t really alone, they just kept to themselves a lot. In the big house there were two aunts, and sometimes three, five other children, and the Red Heads had an Older Brother who was four and a half years older than the Older Red Head. They lived in a large two family house, from where the never ending fountains of adventure flowed. As young children the Red Heads had been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever and eventually heart disease so they were confined a great deal; but nothing could daunt their very lively minds from the manufacturing of interesting phenomena

Everything was ready, they had even cut out a beautiful flower from a magazine and laid it on the table and the red headed boy had given a portion of his treasured tootsie pop with a sticky bite in it wrapped in its original sticky candy paper.

Out of the back bedroom came the older brother with a question. “What are you Red Heads doing? I have been hearing you running around and I thought that I had better take a look at your activity before Mom gets home. Hey, who’s the nice table prepared for?”

They both answered at the same time. “It’s for Mom, it’s Mother’s Day.” The Older Brother commented. “Oh Man! I forgot about Mother’s day. That set up sure looks nice, wish I could have done some of that. Hey, how about some Jello?”

They both agreed; but they harped. “We can’t light the burners, and it wants hot water.”

“Big Bro to the rescue. Let me see if there are any peaches.” He offered.

Again the two of them, the Red Heads, said. “There are no peaches; but there are some raisins.”

“OK raisins it is.” He made the beautiful Jello with raisins quite quickly, and then, they heard the familiar sound of their Queen Mother coming home.

As she opened the door, an explosive chorus of “Happy Mother’s Day” erupted to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday and the red headed boy jumped into a chair with the long beautiful chain necklace and promptly placed it over his Mother’s head. The red headed girl grabbed her hand and placed the chain bracelet on her wrist. The older brother helped her with her coat, and escorted her to the table fit for a Queen, and their Mother just marveled at the compassion of her three wonderful children. After she reviewed her pleasant surprise, she asked where are your plates? Everyone mumbled an individual and solitary answer. Queen Mother set it in motion. “Get me three smaller bowls, I’m going to turn on the oven and toast these pieces of bread, I’ll take the tea, and you three can have this large tumbler of chocolate milk, did you put milk in it?”

“Well, we didn’t have any milk, so…” As she listened to their answer, she took a large knife, and cut both pieces of fruit into four pieces, and distributed them.

Queen Mother said. “I brought some milk with me, and some more cereal.” She quickly scrambled eggs, fried some bacon, and toasted the bread with the large cold butter on it. It seemed like 5 minutes or less, Queen Mother had taken the Mother’s day meal, multiplied it and enhanced it so that everyone got enough for Mother’s Day. When they were finished with the dinner, the children told Queen Mother about the Jello and raisins. She declined, saying that she was just too satisfied. She kissed all of them and patted the dog,

Queen Mother said. “This was the absolute Best Mother’s Day that she had ever had.

The Best ever for the Best Ever. Happy Mother’s Day to every Reader of the Blind Post and others also.
In Christ I Remain…True a Christian Writer.
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
When packing your carry on

The next time you are preparing to travel by air, it would not hurt to remember how to pack your carry on so that you do not have to either take things out and put them into your check in luggage or just simply discard them.

I am going to include a list of things below that you can take and you can use this to help you. I compiled these based on my past experience. So here goes.
No liquids, gels, and creams unless they are under the 1 mil size bottle.
The same for tubes of toothpaste.
No sharp implements such as scissors, pen knives, and nail files.
Best to pack your knitting needles in your check in luggage.
Be ready to hand over your laptop for inspection.
Same for your iPad but you may just get away with not having to do the same for your iPhone.
Best to buy your food and snacks after you have gone through security.
Label your prescription medication clearly and concisely.
Better to pack your vitamins in your check in luggage.

Try using this list to help you out and see how you get along.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.
To learn more about me, visit
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Yarn, hook and needle
Crafts by Phyllis Campbell
If you’re looking for charity knitting that is different, this month’s patterns may be what you’re looking for. It has to be frustrating to have baby appear before they’re ready. Contact your local hospital, they’re usually happy to have tiny garments for that little one making an appearance before it is expected. Try the Red Cross or other agency serving disaster areas. A sudden shock could bring on premature labor, and little items could be greatly appreciated.

Although it might sound morbid, you might consider local funeral homes. Parents are often faced with the sad duty of saying good-bye to that precious one, whose life never began, or lasted a painfully short time. For this, you might want to make the garments even smaller, by dropping the needle size. Once only white or pale pastels were wanted, but, sometimes, grieving parents, may want something a bit brighter, celebrating that precious life. Discuss it with the person at the funeral home.
Here are some patterns to get you started, and offer inspiration for creating your own.

Lightning Fast NICU and Preemie Hats
By Jennifer Dickerson, Fiber Flux
This pattern includes two variations of the hat; one with a simple ribbed brim and one with a roll
brim. Also included are instructions for a quick flower.
Materials: Worsted weight yarn in bright cheerful colors.
US 10.5 (6.5mm) straight needles (hat is knit flat, then seamed)
Size: 11”-12” circumference
Gauge: 14 Stitches and 19 Rows = 4 inches
Roll Brim Hat:
CO 40 sts (leave an extra long tail for seaming up later)
Work in stockinette until hat measures 6” from CO edge.
Row 1: K2, K2tog across row
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K1, K2tog across row
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K2tog across row
Using tapestry needle, break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread through remaining stitches and pull tightly. Seam up the back and weave in ends.

Ribbed Brim Hat:
CO 40 sts (leave an extra long tail for seaming up later)
Work 6 rows of K2, P2 ribbing
Switch to stockinette until hat measures 5” from CO edge.
Row 1: K2, K2tog across row
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K1, K2tog across row
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K2tog across row
Using tapestry needle, break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread through remaining stitches and pull tightly. Seam up the back and weave in ends.
Flower Appliqué:
CO 5 sts.
Row 1: KFB each st (10 sts)
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: KFB each st (20 sts)
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: KFB each st (40 sts)
BO and attach to hat.

Tiny blankets, Knitting Pattern Central
Choose your stitch below
Materials: 3 oz. of Baby or Sport weight yarn --- for each
of the solid color blankets
1 oz. each of 3 colors for the striped blanket
#6 straight knitting needles
GAUGE: 5 sts/7 rows = 1" in stockinette stitch
Garter Stripes:
Rows 1-5: Work Stocking Stitch (K on Right Side, P on Wrong Side)
Rows 6-12: Work Garter Stitch (K every row)
Repeat rows 1-12 for pattern.
Basket Weave:
Row 1: P5, K5 across
Rows 2-5: K the K sts, P the P sts across
Row 6: K the P sts, P the K sts
Rows 7-10: K the K sts, P the P sts across
Repeat rows 1-10 for pattern.
Raised Garter Stripes:
Rows 1 & 2: With color B, K across
Rows 3-6: Work Stocking Stitch (K on Right Side, P on Wrong Side)
Rows 7 & 8: K across; change to color A
Rows 9 & 10: With color A, K across; change to color C
Rows 11 & 12: With color C, K across
Rows 13-16: Work Stocking Stitch (K on Right Side, P on Wrong Side)
Rows 17 & 18: K across; change to color A
Rows 19 & 20: With color A, K across; change to color B
Repeat Rows 1-20 for pattern.
For each blanket: CO 75 sts. Work 7 rows (4 ridges) of Garter Stitch (K every row). Work first 5 and last 5 sts in Garter Stitch, with one of the three patterns above, in
between. When blanket measures 14" or desired length from start, work last inch (approx. 7 rows -- 4 ridges) of
Garter Stitch. Bind Off.

crochet preemie hat
Crochet Pattern CentralFinished Size: 4″ (10 cm) tall, 4 1/2″ (11.5 cm) wide when flat
Materials: Medium Weight Yarn (small amount)
Crochet Hook H (5.00 mm)
crochet yarn size 4
Gauge: 8 hdc and 5 rows = 2″
Round 1: ch 3, 6 hdc in third ch from hook, place marker: 6 hdc
Round 2: 2 hdc in each hdc around: 12 hdc
Round 3: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next hdc) around: 18 hdc
Round 4: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 2 hdc) around: 24 hdc
Round 5: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 3 hdc) around: 30 hdc
Round 6: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 4 hdc) around: 36 hdc
Round 7 – 14: hdc in each hdc around: 36 hdc
Finish off.
May each of you find God's peace that passes all understanding


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