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July 13, 2019
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Business and employment opportunities.

This months columns:

Blind man walking, Unfiltered thoughts as I move to retire my longest working guide dog by Joshua Loya.
Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady, A Recipe.
Uplift,inspirational: The Genealogy of A Soul Winner.
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary, Travel documents by Donna J. Jodhan.
Yarn, hook and needle, Charity knitting that is different by Phyllis Campbell.

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Lori AKA Food Lady

From the editor:

Happy summer everyone!
Well, the conventions are over, and I bet some of you are tired, or maybe excited about your future. I know that getting together with other blind and low vision people can be very uplifting. I hope to attend another convention again one day. I went once several years ago, when I worked for Arkenstone.
I had a wonderful relaxing birthday. Thanks for the birthday wishes that were sent.

This month a couple of our writers are on vacation and will be back next month. I know this issue is a couple days late from the usual time. We will be back to normal next month, I hope.

Enjoy this month’s news and please share it with anyone you think might like it.
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
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New and used:

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PacMate Omni, 20 cell braille display six years old.

works well. If not used for a while, battery runs down then need to charge up and get JAWS going again. Includes wi-fi card, braille quick reference card, program CDs, headphones, charger, USB cable, fitted case and executive carrying case. Asking $400 or best offer. Accept PayPal, ship only lower 48 states.

Wanted, to trade, or to give away:

Looking for the old heavy metal, not plastic, Braille Slate, with 28 cells 4 lines, and the pins on the bottom.

Please, email me at
with Braille Slate in the subject line.

Hi. Joshua Loya of Blind Man Walking here.

I have a lot of adventures scheduled for 2019, and I'd love to have your support. If you are so
inclined to offer financial help, I'd really appreciate it. My fund
raising page can be found at:
Thank you. Remember, Adventure is a state of mind. How you live it is up to you!


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Eyes on success shows and podcasts:

1923 Real-time Assistance with Aira (Jun. 5, 2019)
Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Jenine Stanley, Explorer Community Manager and Brand Ambassador for Aira, about how the service works, new ways to use Aira, and much more. Aira continues to expand its list of Access Locations where their highly-trained agents can provide free assistance to people with vision loss through the use of their smart phones.

1927 Dating in the Digital Age (Jul. 3, 2019)
Have you ever considered jumping into the world of online dating? If so you'll want to read "Dating in the Digital Age" by Kim Loftis. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Kim about her book and discuss how the process works, what to expect, and some special considerations for blind individuals. She also talks about some of her own experiences.

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Check out or web site
We have blind, visually impaired and sighted people visit us.

Services and training.

Business and employment opportunities:

Blind man walking

By Joshua Loya

Early Friday morning, I posted the following to Facebook. I’m soaking up all the time I can with my soon to be retired guide dog. I thought readers of The Blind Post would appreciate reading my relatively unfiltered thoughts as I move to retire the dog I’ve worked with the longest. It’s a short offering this month. I still hope you enjoy it.

I’ve studied martial arts for 14 years. I have 5 black belts and ranks in 7 styles. I enjoy challenging myself in the ocean. For fun, I walk a slack line, fly like Superman on a zip line, jump off of buildings.... have jumped out of airplaines (Man I want to do that again so bad...) I’ll roll (jiu jitsu spar) pretty much anyone, no matter their size... Last week I did a flow drill with a shock knife while my sifu was blindfolded... I have multiple significant wins in adaptive surfing competitions, and I’m just getting started. I also don’t cry very much, and not because I’m trying to further establish my badass cred. I just dont’ cry very often.

I say all of this to tell you that I cried like I haven’t cried in a long long time. Yesterday, I began making more concrete plans for the retirement of the dog that is like a son to me. Hobbs has served me faithfully since October of 2011. He has worked longer than either of my other 2 guides. (Dayton was attacked by 3 dogs early on in our time together, and the stress eventually caught up with him. Dayton worked for 3 years. I was glad to keep him as a pet for a couple of years after that. Hale developed a tumor on his spine after 4 years of service.)

Nobody but other people who have had dog guides can truly understand how difficult this is. Thankfully, after speaking with Hobbs’ puppy raiser, I believe I’m very close to finding Hobbs a home where he will be loved and bring love to others.

Through this, I’ve learned how important it is to let ourselves cry. I’ve been watching with Andrea Loya, the Warrior Princess, the first 2 seasons of Cobra Kai. Mr. Johnny Lawrence keeps talking about how Cobra Kai (his style of karate) is about being “badass”. To Mr. Lawarence, sometimes badasses cry when it’s called for.

Thank you Hobbs. Thank you Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thank you Kimberly Wibe (Hobbs’ puppy raiser). Thank you everyone who has helped me have one of the greatest dogs a man could have. I’m not saying goodbye just yet. I’ll let you know when that is, but it is very soon. Probably only a few weeks out at most, depending on logistics. If you would like to say goodbye to this lovable boy of mine, you are welcome, but I would like to do it in small waves, so he is not overwhelmed.

After I posted this I did a bit more thinking. If any of you are facing a similar difficult decision, please know that you are not alone. Not everyone will understand, but some of us do. Do what’s best for you and your dog, even if others don’t understand. If people don’t understand the bond you have with your guide, it doesn’t mean your emotions connected to your decision are invalid. Take care. God bless you. I and my mother, The Food Lady, have both been through this. The decision isn’t easy, but it gets easier.

Joshua “The Jedi” Loya - Professional Adventurer
Available now for public speaking and personal coaching.

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady:

Well, for my birthday, I decided to make the following recipe instead of cake. I’ve been experimenting with diets and seem to have found that the Paleo diet works best for me. I do have lots of meals where I just eat plant-based, but for me, I find that having some complete protein helps me feel good, both emotionally and physically. I am trying to cut out gluten, dairy, and refined sugars from my diet. This is sort of an anti-inflammatory way of eating.

Paleo Chocolate Muffins {Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, No Refined Sugar}

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 33 minutes
Servings 12

Two cups almond flour
One half cup cocoa powder, I used two thirds cup.
One half cup honey, I used pure maple syrup instead.
Two eggs
One cup unsweetened applesauce, I buy the snack sizes they are 1/2 cup servings.
One teaspoon baking soda
One half teaspoon baking powder
One fourth teaspoon salt
One fourth teaspoon cinnamon
One teaspoon pure vanilla
One eighth teaspoon pure almond extract

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a large bowl add the wet ingredients first (eggs, applesauce, pure vanilla extract, pure almond extract and honey) and stir together until fully combined.
3. Then add the dry ingredients (almond flour, baking soda, gluten-free baking powder, salt, cinnamon and cocoa powder). Mix until fully combined.
4. Scoop batter into a lined muffin pan. The batter will be thick. (I like to use an ice cream scoop.See my note below recipe.)
5. Bake for 23-26 minutes. Please watch your oven because all ovens are different.
6. Remove and check centers with a toothpick , or a butter knife, to see if they are done.
7. Add chocolate chips to the top of hot muffins (optional).
8. Allow muffins to cool before serving.
9. Store in an airtight container.

Note: Filling muffin cup liners can be quite difficult without eyesight.

I goofed on one of mine and had to clean out the muffin tin before starting again. I found that if I put my left index finger in the middle of the paper cup liner, holding it down into the pan, I could scoop the batter with my ice cream scoop, using my right hand, and then turn it upside down right over my finger and then squeeze the ice cream scoop to release the batter, removing my finger of course. It worked out great. In the past, I have not used the paper cup liners, but with making this recipe for the first time, using almond flour, I decided to follow the directions. I am glad I did, because they came out great.
They really tasted like a true chocolate cupcake, but not overly sweet. The texture was perfect. They did not rise very much. I will definitely make this recipe again.

Do you have a how to question on cooking methods or home management?
as a visually challenged person?

Email and I will answer your question and post it in a future article.

Uplift, inspirational stories.

The Genealogy of A Soul Winner

Dear Blind Post Readers,
This article is a quote from an audible book by Chuck Mishler”Learn the Bible in 24 Hours”. This quote reminds us that GOD has His own method and plan for getting His Gospel to the hearts of man. Personally, I am glad that this Gospel has been ministered to my heart by faithful men and women of His Word. To think that we were in the mind of GOD way back when D.L. Moody received his call is more than awesome, and to think that we stand on the grounds of our 243 year old Country – America, where this Gospel was freely given is not a coincidence; but within the mind of GOD. I hope that all of you have had a wonderful Independence Day, and GOD Bless all of you.
In Christ I Remain…True a Christian Writer.

“The Genealogy of a SOUL WINNER”

Are there things that transcend generations? Let me mention an example. I am indebted to my friend Joe Foest, the senior pastor of the Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia for this delightful discovery.

Edward Kimble had a burden for one of the Sunday School Students to know Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, so he went to see him at the shoe store where he worked, and he led him to Jesus Christ in that store. The name of this young student was Dwight L. Moody. His Ministry has rocked several continents.

While Moody was preaching in the British Isles, he spoke at a small chapel pastored by Frederick Bronson Myer. In his sermon, Moody told an emotionally charged story of a Sunday school teacher, he knew personally, who went to every student in his class and won them to Jesus Christ. The Message changed Pastor Myer’s Ministry and inspired him to become an Evangelist. Over the years, Myer came to America, several times to preach. Once in North Field Massachusetts, a confused young Preacher, sitting in the back row, Heard Myer say. “If you’re not willing to give everything to GOD, are you willing to be made willing?” That remark led J. Wilbur Chapman to accept the Call of GOD on his life.

Chapman went on to become one of the most effective evangelists of his time.

A volunteer who helped in his Crusades, learned to preach by watching him. His name was Billy Sunday. Sunday eventually took over Chapman’s ministry, becoming one of the most effective Evangelisms of the Twentieth Century In the greater arenas of the nation, Billy Sunday’s preaching turned thousands to Christ.

Well, inspired by the 1924 Billy Sunday’s Crusade in Charlotte North Carolina, Christians committed themselves to reaching that city for Christ and they invited Mortimer Ham to hold a series of Evangelical Meetings in 1936. A lanky sixteen year old sat in the crowd one evening and spell-bound by the message of this white haired Preacher who seemed to be shouting and waving his long finger directly at him. Night after night the youth attended and finally went forward to give his life to Christ.

That teenager’s name was, Billy Graham.

Billy Graham has, obviously, communicated the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more people than anyone else in the history of the World.

Now, remember how this sequence began. A nobody, named Kemble, concerned for one of his students visiting at a shoe store. In doing that Kimble changed the world. Millions by millions were affected by his decision to go to that shoe store and millions more will continue to feel its impact. My question to you, can anything like that happen today? You know it is interesting to realize obviously, without Him, without GOD, we can’t; but the flip side is without us He won’t.

So, one of the things I want to ask you is: What is your view on these things?

What are you going to do about these things?

Jesus said. Matthew 24:44; (KJV)

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.””

From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

Travel documents

There used to be a time that all that you would need when traveling would either be your passport or just your ID card or anything with a photo ID. This has changed dramatically over the years and as things stand today you probably need more than this to help you get where you want to go.

I have seen at times where someone is asked for more than one piece of photo ID and I am not sure why and I am not even going to speculate. So this being said it would probably be a good idea for you to pack more than one piece of photo ID the next time you travel. Be it by air, by train, and whenever you cross the border into another country via car or train or bus.

All of these instances should be paid attention to. The landscape is changing and will continue to change for the very foreseeable future so please take this seriously.

Just remember now that whenever you are asked for photo ID and if you are unable to satisfy this request it is more than likely that you will be stopped in your tracks and you won't be able to continue on your trip.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

To learn more about me, visit

On your next trip you could enrich your down time with some of my audio mysteries. Take them with you wherever you go!
In the car, on the plane, on the bus or train, at the beach, anywhere!
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If you enjoy podcasts then check out my weekly one called take another 5! From recipes to apps, and from mystery moment to tips for entrepreneur and scam alerts!
Available for download at
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'Let's Talk Tips' is your monthly resource for the most current and reliable
informational tips available in the areas of Technology, Nutrition, Media,
Business, and Advocacy.

Yarn, hook and needle

Crafts by Phyllis Campbell

If you’re looking for charity knitting that is different, this month’s patterns may be what you’re looking for. It has to be frustrating to have baby appear before they’re ready. Contact your local hospital, they’re usually happy to have tiny garments for that little one making an appearance before it is expected. Try the Red Cross or other agency serving disaster areas. A sudden shock could bring on premature labor, and little items could be greatly appreciated.

Although it might sound morbid, you might consider local funeral homes. Parents are often faced with the sad duty of saying good-bye to that precious one, whose life never began, or lasted a painfully short time. For this, you might want to make the garments even smaller, by dropping the needle size. Once only white or pale pastels were wanted, but, sometimes, grieving parents, may want something a bit brighter, celebrating that precious life. Discuss it with the person at the funeral home.
Here are some patterns to get you started, and offer inspiration for creating your own.

Lightning Fast NICU and Preemie Hats

By Jennifer Dickerson, Fiber Flux
This pattern includes two variations of the hat; one with a simple ribbed brim and one with a roll brim. Also included are instructions for a quick flower.
Materials: Worsted weight yarn in bright cheerful colors.
US 10.5 (6.5mm) straight needles (hat is knit flat, then seamed)
Size: 11”-12” circumference
Gauge: 14 Stitches and 19 Rows = 4 inches

Roll Brim Hat:

CO 40 sts (leave an extra long tail for seaming up later)
Work in stockinette until hat measures 6” from CO edge.
Row 1: K2, K2tog across row
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K1, K2tog across row
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K2tog across row
Using tapestry needle, break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread through remaining stitches and pull tightly. Seam up the back and weave in ends.

Ribbed Brim Hat:

CO 40 sts (leave an extra long tail for seaming up later)
Work 6 rows of K2, P2 ribbing
Switch to stockinette until hat measures 5” from CO edge.
Row 1: K2, K2tog across row
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K1, K2tog across row
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K2tog across row
Using tapestry needle, break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread through remaining stitches and pull tightly. Seam up the back and weave in ends.

Flower Appliqué:

CO 5 sts.
Row 1: KFB each st (10 sts)
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: KFB each st (20 sts)
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: KFB each st (40 sts)
BO and attach to hat.

Tiny blankets, Knitting Pattern Central

Choose your stitch below
Materials: 3 oz. of Baby or Sport weight yarn --- for each
of the solid color blankets
1 oz. each of 3 colors for the striped blanket
#6 straight knitting needles
GAUGE: 5 sts/7 rows = 1" in stockinette stitch
Garter Stripes:
Rows 1-5: Work Stocking Stitch (K on Right Side, P on Wrong Side)
Rows 6-12: Work Garter Stitch (K every row)
Repeat rows 1-12 for pattern.
Basket Weave:
Row 1: P5, K5 across
Rows 2-5: K the K sts, P the P sts across
Row 6: K the P sts, P the K sts
Rows 7-10: K the K sts, P the P sts across
Repeat rows 1-10 for pattern.
Raised Garter Stripes:
Rows 1 & 2: With color B, K across
Rows 3-6: Work Stocking Stitch (K on Right Side, P on Wrong Side)
Rows 7 & 8: K across; change to color A
Rows 9 & 10: With color A, K across; change to color C
Rows 11 & 12: With color C, K across
Rows 13-16: Work Stocking Stitch (K on Right Side, P on Wrong Side)
Rows 17 & 18: K across; change to color A
Rows 19 & 20: With color A, K across; change to color B
Repeat Rows 1-20 for pattern.
For each blanket: CO 75 sts. Work 7 rows (4 ridges) of Garter Stitch (K every row). Work first 5 and last 5 sts in Garter Stitch, with one of the three patterns above, in
between. When blanket measures 14" or desired length from start, work last inch (approx. 7 rows -- 4 ridges) of
Garter Stitch. Bind Off.

crochet preemie hat

Crochet Pattern CentralFinished Size: 4″ (10 cm) tall, 4 1/2″ (11.5 cm) wide when flat
Materials: Medium Weight Yarn (small amount)
Crochet Hook H (5.00 mm)
crochet yarn size 4
Gauge: 8 hdc and 5 rows = 2″
Round 1: ch 3, 6 hdc in third ch from hook, place marker: 6 hdc
Round 2: 2 hdc in each hdc around: 12 hdc
Round 3: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next hdc) around: 18 hdc
Round 4: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 2 hdc) around: 24 hdc
Round 5: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 3 hdc) around: 30 hdc
Round 6: (2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 4 hdc) around: 36 hdc
Round 7 – 14: hdc in each hdc around: 36 hdc
Finish off.

May each of you find God's peace that passes all understanding


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