Blind post history and new stuff:
Seven years ago, after we moved from Nevada to Idaho, I had only been the editor for Connections for the Blind for about five months. I initially had about
500 subscribers. After the move, I discovered that the internet service in Idaho would not allow me to email that many bulk emails at one time. I knew
I wanted to expand the news, and decided to build a website and change the name to The Blind Post.

Over the years, new columns with awesome writers came aboard, subscriptions more than doubled, and the website is growing and experiencing many new visitors
each month.
I am looking forward to even more expansions, and redoing the website to make the archives easier to navigate so folks can get to the past articles they
want faster.

I am so thankful to all of my readers, and have really appreciated all of your messages. They help boost me forward.

What is new:
I want to email the news earlier each month. Currently it is emailed, and posted to the site, around the ninth to the eleventh of each month. With the
holidays coming, and with many time sensitive classified ads, it would be better to go out on or before the seventh. I would need articles and notices
by the fifth of each month or sooner.
I can edit your posts. If you have difficulty shortening your first notice to fit for free, 50 words or less, I can edit it for you and email it to you
for your approval. I canalso edit your longer posts too. Read the Blind Post guidelines at the end of the news for word counts and costs.
Each issue has room for more than one sponsor. First sponsor will appear at the top, with any additional sponsors beneath that. They post on the home page
of the website and at the beginning of the email, and online news. They usually stay up on the website for a full 30 days. Sponsors help with all of the
costs for publishing each month’s issue, and when I get extra, it allows me to advertise the news on other venues, so your notices will get more exposure.

A new feature starting next month:
Do you have a website pertaining to the blind community, a business or other, that you would like to have posted on the Blind Post website and in each
month’s news for , one month or long-term? A simple short description, of 25 words max, and a link can be posted in the news and on the site for $3 a month.
Discounts for purchasing long term are as follows:
Three months $8, six months $14, nine months $21, and for 12 months $25.
Email and I will let you know if it fits in the news.
Payments and donations can be paid through PayPal using

Thank you everyone that sponsored, sent in notices, to all my marvelous writers, for your continued support and for sharing The Blind Post Classified news.
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher and editor


Happy August everyone!
Some of you long time readers will remember that my husband and I moved from Nevada to Idaho seven years ago. Earlier that year I took over the email Connections
for the Blind. After moving to Idaho, I changed the name to The blind Post and created a website with the same name. This September will be the seventh
anniversary of The blind Post news. That anniversary issue will be a special edition of the news. Please share with all you know. Also, this will be a
great issue to sponsor and to place notices of all kinds from and for the blind and low vision communities. I will have some special news and a surprise
or two as well.
Stay tuned for more information in my reminder email that I will send out toward the end of August.

I am in the process of updating the archives on the website. I want to make them a little easier to get to the sections and articles you want.

I will be emailing the news each month around the eleventh, and would like all notices and articles by the seventh of that month. Please plan for any Holiday
notices. There are a few different newsletters that come out at the beginning of each month, so this should give folks plenty of time to read all the great
newsletters from and for the blind that are sent out.

I am working on lots of new ideas for the news and the website. I will share more next month.
Thanks so much for all your messages and prayers for our move!
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher and editor


Happy almost summer and I do hope you are getting some sort of spring/summer weather. We are getting a mix of some
hot days with some much cooler mixed
up here in there. I would rather have some nice spring temps for a while before we start climbing to the upper 90s or over 100 degrees. I am very thankful
for air conditioning, believe me, when needed, but enjoy the cooler low 70s where I can open all the windows and have the fresh air.
This month I did not get a sponsor, but we have some delightful and informative articles, lots of ads and announcements, so enjoy. I have sprinkled a few
limericks around
under Funnies, and they are quite good and a couple might even make you laugh. I did.
I will keep it short. I am still working on the website with the archives. I have just been enjoying company and reading and walking, but the summer will
give me much time to stay indoors to work on these types of things. Oh, and my son and his wife are driving up from San Diego today, and will be here for
a few days. I am so happy to be able to visit with them again.
Have fun,
Lori Motis
Publisher and editor


Those April showers bring May flowers, and they sure do. They can also bring snowmelt and overflowing rivers and
creeks. Please be safe and pay attention to weather and emergency warnings in your neck of the woods. I find that the Nextdoor social network works great
for me to be kept up-to-date with local weather and news. There are many weather and emergency apps for your cell phones and tablets. Weather radios are
great to find out the latest weather related emergencies too.

I kind of sort of banged up my snozzola a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was broken, but the x-ray only showed my previous nasal fracture from 26 years
ago, when I ran it into a telephone pole, when I was living in Santa Cruz county California. I am glad the town, where I currently live, does not have
those. I was walking too fast across my back patio to leash relieve my dog, using my cane, but I didn’t realize that my husband had moved the ladder to
the particular spot where I habitually walk to take my dog out to do his business. He was cleaning the pine needles and branches off the roof. Well, my
cane went underneath the ladder and my nose and face hit the ladder. Ouch, it was extremely painful. I could not even touch my face to find out what happened.
I just unclipped my dog’s leash and ran back into the house. I had blood and tears flowing and I knew I needed to get some paper towels or tissue quick.
Then I very carefully attempted to see what I had done to myself. I got ice on it and took some Advil. After a while, I showered and then rested. I did
not want to go to the ER. It is too expensive. It seemed like it was going to be OK, but when I went to my doctor, for a prescheduled appointment that
week, she thought I should at least get an x-ray. Then I received a call from her office saying they had referred me to an ear, nose, and throat doc. I
asked why, and the notes were nasal fractures. Well when I finally got into the ENT, he said my nose was not fractured, but that the x-ray showed my previous
break. The tissues in my nose and throughout my face were very sore, but he said that there wasn’t anything but time to heal that. Believe me I am so very
careful now and am trying hard to protect my face and head. I am making sure I wear a hat with a brim when I go out for anything. I normally wear one in
the spring and summer, since my neighborhood has a lot of bushes and branches growing out over the sidewalks. Most folks around here get those trimmed
rather quickly. Especially, whenever I happen to walk into one, I usually say rather loudly that someone needs to trim this branch. Anyway I have not been
working on the website’s archives. I will get to it eventually. I hope all of you are extra careful when walking.

This blind thing is sure getting old. Between banging my head on things, running my legs into left open dishwashers, my own fault, and hitting my nose,
I am probably one enormous bruise. I just need to learn how to slow down and be more mindful of where I am and what I am doing. I hope all of you are being
careful. If you have any tips, please email me. Maybe this old gal can learn new ways of protecting herself.

This month’s news is blooming with fun notices, grand articles, and funnies sprinkled throughout.
Please let folks know that you read their notice or article on the Blind Post. Thanks for sharing the news. I really appreciate it and so do those that
posted their ads and announcements.

Lori Motis
Publisher and editor


Hello everyone!
April showers bring May flowers, and lots of swollen rivers and lakes, not to mention creeks, and even small streams that were not there before. Yes, here
in Idaho we are experiencing record flood stage levels at the Boise River and many other waterways throughout our Gem State. Hmmm maybe those precious
gems will float to the surface.

The ducks, around my home, are all twitterpated; Quacking from dawn to dusk. Temps have been in the upper 60s, which is grand walking weather. That began
in March, and as usual, everyone was fooled into an early spring and began preparing their gardens, planting vegetables, only to be bitten by frost this
past weekend with the temps going below freezing. Funny how folks are so quick to forget this fact each year.

Well now, onto the April news. Lots of great articles and notices this month. You won’t want to miss a word. Please let folks know you read their submission
on the Blind Post. It helps the news, and also, my writers love hearing from you. Thanks for sharing theBlind Post. I have new subscribers and new visitors
to the website. I also love hearing from you.
Just a quick note: I am trying to work on updating the website with the past month’s news articles. I apologize for being slow on this. I have had a lot
of extra stuff that I am walking through, but want to get back to that task soon. I will try to email an update, when I have the past issues uploaded.

Peace be with all of you,
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher and editor


Just ten or so days to go until spring is here. There is rain in the forecast with temps reaching the low 60s. The
Boise River is quite full due to our local reservoir letting out water to make room for the snow melt. They say we are in a flood watch, but have not personally
experienced any threat to our home. I remember last year that part of the river greenbelt and walks were closed due to flooding. Fortunately the areas
that I walk are uphill and do not go down near the river.

I hope all of you are experiencing good weather without any major problems. I don’t tend to listen to the news much these days. I get most of my news from
YouTube or if I have time to read news from my NFB Newsline app. You can get that for your landline too. Just contact your local talking book library and
they will either sign you up or let you know how to get signed up. It even has your local TV listings. Some places have store ads too.

This month’s news has lots of great ads and articles. I want to especially thank our sponsor, The Gospel Association for the Blind, for covering the cost
for this issue.
I won’t go all political on you this month. Sometimes I tend to get up on my soap box and spout. I do continue to pray for all the Blind Post’s readers
and writers.
I am still looking for those that would like to join a Bible study over the phone. I do not feel comfortable having it be coed. So any women, of any age,
please let me know if you are interested. I have a wonderful group of women that meet twice a month on Mondays, and would like to begin a new group at
a different day and time.

Please let folks know that you read their notice on the Blind Post. Also, let our writers know you enjoyed their submissions. They all love hearing from
Of course, you can write to me with your comments about the email or website too.

Peace to all,
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher and editor


Hello readers,
The snow is finally melting here. Hurray! Southwest Idaho has received more snow this year than it has had in over 35 years. The only walking I have been
able to do, with my guide dog, is when I go shopping. Fortunately we have a yard where he can get a little exercise. It just hasn’t been safe to walk with
all of the ice and the piles of snow that the plows have pushed off to the sides and corners of the roads. Now we are in a flood watch, but I do not
think that will last too long. Today is the warmest we have had all year, at 53 degrees.

Well, on to the news, but first I have to tell you what I have been doing with all of this time on my hands. I have discovered YouTube. I know it has been
around for a while, but I just didn’t really know much about it except for when I was researching lyrics to a song or when searching for information on
Google. I am having lots of fun. Mostly, I have gotten tired of listening to all the main stream news, which does not report accurate news any longer,
and have found some great real news channels to follow. This way I can be better informed and here news straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

This month’s news has some great ads, announcements and articles with a sprinkling of funnies. We have an update from Global Cane Outreach, a wonderful
story from a subscriber, Donna Williams is back with a most interesting tale, Phyllis has some good craft ideas, our other Donna has an interesting travel
destination experience to share, Mark has another guide doggy excerpt, and Food Lady has a tip and a very fun tidbit about an awesome appliance, with Bevie
sharing her cooking adventure with it.

I want to thank my sponsor Blind Café for this month’s edition of the Blind Post. Also there are two chat rooms that are in this month’s news. Please read
through to the end. You won’t want to miss a thing.

I want to mention that I will be starting another women’s Bible study on my conference line. If you are interested, please email me at

and I will get back to you. I am thinking about Wednesdays. I also wanted to invite folks to please pray for our president and Vice President, and their
families, along with all of our US leaders and military, for God’s peace, protection and help through this year, and in the years to come. I have been
praying daily and I believe that all believers need to pray for this country during these troubling times. I am also thinking, if there are interested
people, I would like to schedule a monthly prayer hour to pray for our government leaders, also on my conference line. Please let me know if you would
like to join me on a prayer call. I do not know what time or day yet.

The news will be emailed every ninth of each month, which is also posted to the website. If you want to sponsor future Blind Post news, let me know. The
newest guidelines are at the end of this email.

Enjoy reading, and thanks for sharing the news with your friends and families. I sincerely appreciate it. Feel free to email me with any comments. I love
hearing from you.

Lori Motis
Publisher and editor


I have not been able to get out of my home at all this year. Southwest Idaho is in the midst of a historical snow,
freezing rain, and ice weather event. I feel like I am stuck in a snow globe. Yesterday, we had threats of flooding, and today, thank goodness, we have
below freezing, so at least my dog can go out in the yard without walking through puddles of freezing water. It is too dangerous to even go for any kind
of walk, even with my yak traks on. It is a lot like living in Spring Creek Nevada, where we had snow on the ground for months, below freezing.
I discovered Nextdoor, a neighborhood social network, like Facebook, but just for your local area. My town puts out regular emergency updates that I can
get on my iPhone and email. Neighbors give tips and share snow removal issues. We have layers of snow and ice, then melting and then freezing, and more
snow is on its way. My husband, who is also visually impaired, went out to remove some snow and ice off the edge of the roof. I never heard of ice dams
before. We did not seem to have them in Nevada.
If you want to find out more about Nextdoor:
Nextdoor: Join the free private social network for your neighborhood
So I am sorry to get this month’s news out a bit late. I am sure thankful that we have stocked up on food, and we have internet service. If our power should
go, well, I guess we would huddle together inside down comforters and sleeping bags. There would be nowhere to go. I miss our woodstove. My sister and
her husband are out of town, missing all this weather. I hope it will pass soon. I really want to go for a walk. I think we might be able to go shopping
Monday with the senior bus, to Walmart. Hurray!

Now onto the January news. Donna Williams and Joshua are going through stuff too, and were unable to get their articles in for this month. January is one
of those months that just seems to sneak up on you, and then it’s over before you even had a chance to take in all the new year changes.
I want to email this out before putting in the headings on the website version. I especially want to thank our! Please check them
Thanks for reading and sharing the Blind Post,
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher and editor

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