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Funnyside, "it is to laugh." Jokes, quotes, and riddles in good taste.
Blind people talking is a column where readers share their personal adventures living with a visual challenge.
We also have periodic updates from Global Cane Outreach on their mission trips and events.

Lori Motis also writes a column about some of the books she has recently read and enjoyed.

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## the April Blind Post is sponsored by Kate Sniderman, Columbus, Ohio.

Blind indie author Wes Brummer would like you to take a trip back to Kansas in 1935. To a time when tramps rode
the rails to find a job, radio was king, and "dusters" blew across the southern plains. Welcome to the Great Depression. Welcome to the world of Dust and

Sara McGurk has a comfortable life: an exciting boyfriend, a good home, and a responsible job. She answers the fan mail for her father’s radio show. And
a broadcasting network has just picked Pastor McGurk’s program, Heaven and Earth, for a national debut. Sam McGurk is about to become a celebrity.

But Sara gets some unexpected news of her own. She is with child. The façade of her easy life is about to implode.
The result is banishment. From her own home.

In desperation, Sara turns to her boyfriend. This leads to a violent argument. Larry leaves her bleeding and abandoned on an empty road in front of a forbidding
limestone house in the middle of nowhere.

Deliverance comes in the form of a strange group of social outcasts. The house was once a county asylum, now a poor farm. The people there take her in.
Now, Sara must heal from her wounds while coping with her fellow residents and Gloria Eisner, the recalcitrant matron of the tenant house.

Her biggest questions, however, are what will happen to her baby, and will she ever find peace with her father?

The silence of the country is mind numbing. Sara longs for the bustle of the city, the clatter of cars, and the sound of news and music. So she writes
to her father’s show as another resident asking for a radio. Her letter is one of thousands her father’s mailroom receives each week. A seemingly futile

But Pastor McGurk needs a hook for his network debut. He needs a story that will captivate his new, nationwide audience. d launch his premiere.
He finds it in a letter from a young woman on a poor farm.
Beyond the horizon, forces are approaching. Will Sara come to terms with her father? Or will she and her refuge be left as devastated as the plains after
a Kansas dust storm?

Here is the link:

Sample the novel for free or buy it for $2.99. Read it and give me an honest review. And think about the book you can write. Anyone can be an indie author.
Join a writer's group, learn the craft and discover the roads to indie publishing. empowerment.

Visit the hottest website on the net, Right now when you join you can enter our raffle for a quad core computer with 8 gigs of memory. A
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all the bells and whistles you could ever want. The tickets are one ticket for $10 or 5 for $25. Blind Cafe is a place where the blind community will be
inspired and entertained! It's the and it’s a great place to
learn, laugh, chat and make long lasting friendships with people from around the world. There is always someone to greet you with a friendly smile night
and day. There is no cost to join. Come and try out our awesome music, trivia games, tutorials, and interactive chats, and a whole lot more! It’s totally
accessible and easy to use. All you need is a computer and a headset with a microphone!
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Red Eyes
A novel by Gary H. Hensley, C 2015
In e-book and print on Amazon and other online buying sites.
Set primarily in Tennessee and Virginia from 1924 to 1976, this is the adventure-filled life story of Jim Taylor: lawman, lover, family man, churchgoer—and
After Jim’s sister Annie is raped and murdered at the age of 13, he becomes obsessed with finding her killer and meting out “payback.” The story of that
pursuit, Jim’s revenge, and the stunning surprise ending of the book make up the central story.
Details, cover photo, sample text, and buying links:

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