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The sponsor of the month for August 2018

Traditional Hymns that Speak to the Heart sung by Linda Stewart

I am so blessed to have been able to complete a solo CD including songs I have sung throughout the years. The traditional Christian hymns are my favorites, and I am hoping you will enjoy them too. The disk is called Traditional Hymns that Speak to the Heart. There are 18 songs, many accompanied by the organ, and some I sang as I played the guitar. On the front of the CD is a picture of me, and below it is the list of songs. I think if you read the titles, they present a message of their own. On the inside of the CD there is a presentation of the gospel, and a little bit about myself. When you give a disk to someone, encourage them to look on the inside, as that alone will be a witness to them.
Here is the list of songs and also the words which appear on the back of the insert. A person can see the back of the insert easily when the case is open.
1. The Light of the World is Jesus.
2. There Is a Fountain.
3. Whiter Than Snow.
4. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say, "Come Unto Me and Rest."
5. Jesus Paid it All.
6. Now I Belong to Jesus.
7. Jesus Loves Me.
8. My Faith Has Found a Resting Place.
9. I'm on the Winning Side.
10. 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.
11. Jesus Never Fails.
12. More About Jesus Would I Know.
13. The Sun's Coming Up in the Morning.
14. Until Then.
15. Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown.
16. Thanks to God for My Redeemer.
17. Happiness Is to Know the Savior.
18. Only Trust Him.

Inside it says:
I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior from sin when I was 16 years old. It was then that I learned that Jesus died in my place and took the punishment I deserved for my sins. Now I have total assurance of a place in heaven because of His sacrifice alone for me. Nothing in my hands I bring. Simply to His cross I cling. It gives me much joy to sing about my Savior, Lord, and Friend. I hope you will be blessed too, and that you will be led to think about the significance of the words to these songs. I was born without physical sight. The Lord led me to a wonderful husband and gave us two precious daughters who are both teachers now. My husband sings as well, and we have enjoyed singing together for a long time. We would love to come to your church to sing and share also if you'd like. Am willing to speak and sing at other events as well. My life has been interesting as a blind person. I thank the many people in my life who made this disk possible: Dr. John W. Landon, Mr. Charles Swank, my youth pastor who taught me guitar; and affectionately, Jaggy, who put this disk together for me.
The cost of these disks is $10 each, or three for $25.

Contact me at:


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