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December 2018 sponsor

MCBVI Radio, It is Not Just another internet Radio Station
By Dave Gordon

At the MCBVI convention I spoke at the Tech Committee seminar about how MCBVI Radio is not just a radio station. The following are my remarks as expanded in the hopes of convincing you to listen to MCBVI Radio. It is also my hope that you will help to make us a better and more responsive station, not with money, although we wouldn’t turn it down, but by participating in the MCBVI Radio family.

Last March, Mike Smith approached the Tech Committee with the suggestion we put our server that is paid for year round, but at that point was only used three days a year, to broadcast the MCBVI Convention. The committee agreed, and with the executive board’s permission, within a few days we had a shell of what is now MCBVI Radio. Since that time MCBVI Radio has grown beyond my wildest dreams, and it is not just because of our management team, which includes Joe Sibley, Mike Smith, Rebecca Kooistra, and I; it is because of our listeners and their interest in the station and in making it more of a family approach to radio. In just a few months, we have surpassed a lot of internet radio stations in several big and important ways, both in listener numbers and in content. Here is why you should listen.

Of course, we have the music you want to hear, and if you are not hearing something, we will do our best to provide it for you; but if we did not go beyond that, we would be little more than ninety percent of the internet radio stations out there. We have expanded our music at the request of listeners by including two hour blocks of Country music, blocks of music from the 80s and 90s, and two hours a week of Beatles music.

Still, I hear you saying, “Oh, it is music; I can get that on my smart speaker from tune In, Spotify, or Pandora.”

If that were all we had to offer, why listen?

In addition to the music our listeners have requested, we are doing our best to offer all types of programming, by offering shows that focus on everything from Christian, to JAZZ, to Motown, to progressive rock, and much more. Many of our programs are presented by people who are blind or visually impaired. This is not by design, it just worked out that way and we are proud of it.

But wait, do not touch that dial, there is more! We also offer programming by our own members, here is your chance to hear and interact with some of the people you know live on the radio.

Mike Smith has been broadcasting since he was a kid, and has worked on commercial radio stations. Now he has brought his talent to MCBVI Radio with two shows titled 45’s Alive. Mike presents a country show on Tuesday and an oldies show on Thursday. With Mike’s professional and competent hands on the controls, you will find his creative topics for each show to be intriguing and a must listen.

Just recently, we undertook the boldest step yet in attempting to differentiate from the thousands of internet radio stations out there by offering a brand new show. Becky and I could not think of a name for the show, so it is currently called The No Name Show With Him & Her. Him & Her are myself, Dave Gordon, and Becky Kooistra. Of course, we play the music you want to hear, but we also talk about blindness issues. By the time this is published, this will have included: independence, Abandonment as a young child when sent away to a residential school, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), self-driving cars, non-24, drug addiction and much more. We also have introduced a “Getting to Know Each Other” segment” where Becky and I talk with members of MCBVI in the hopes of all of us getting to know each other a little better.

We started the show by offering a several part series, which was sort of a modern-day soap opera. This ongoing saga went on for several shows, which ended with Becky and yours truly being pardoned by MCBVI President John Jarzyna, so we could attend the MCBVI Convention. To the best of my knowledge, this kind of thing has never been done on internet radio, and we are looking for ideas for a new radio soap.

I am excited about these shows because I know they have set us apart from some of the other offerings out there, but we hope to add to that by including more and more of you as we move forward. Still, with all of this, there is even another reason to listen to MCBVI Radio. A couple of months ago, someone came up with the idea of encouraging people to participate in the station by offering audio clips in the listener’s own voice, saying what they want to say. This was met with a huge response from our listeners and many have provided us with informational segments in their own voices that we play every day on MCBVI Radio. This really differentiates us from the competition, and it prompted me to want to say we are really a family and a much closer-nit family because we all work together.

I was quite surprised, and more than pleased, when I heard exactly the same thoughts expressed, totally unsolicited, from several people while at the convention. It was then I knew we were on the right track.

With adding the ability to receive the station on your Echo, we have increased our listener base, which is now about half of some internet stations who have been on the air for years. In just a few short months, our station truly has grown to be more successful than much of our competition.

I encourage you to listen to MCBVI Radio, and to join our Email list. Send a blank message .
Here you can participate in ongoing discussions and you always have the opportunity to express your concerns and to talk about what you want to hear.
If you don’t want to belong to a relatively high traffic list you can subscribe to our announce only list, . .
We look forward to you working with us.
Dave G.

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