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Welcome to The Blind Post Classified News from and for the Blind

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The Blind Post features classified ads and announcements from and for the blind and visually impaired.

Also monthly features :
Blind Man Walking by Joshua Loya,

Tips & Tidbits from The Food Lady,

Tech Corner by Char,

Yarn, Hook, & Needle, Crafts by Phyllis Campbell
Living With Low Vision by Donna Williams.

From the pages of Donna's travel diary, written by Donna J. Jodhan.

Periodic updates on Global Cane Outreach: Beverly's trips to South Africa, and now expanding to other countries too.
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And there is much, much, more!

Please look around and check back often to see what is new at The Blind Post.

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Visit the hottest, most happening place around on the web. Where the
Blind Community will be inspired and entertained! It's the
BlindCafe.net and it's a great place to learn, laugh, chat and make
long lasting friendships. There is always someone to greet you with a
friendly smile.

Join us for our weekly Farkle, Zilch and
Texas Hold Em Tournaments
with cash and prizes for our year-end winners. Come and try out our
awesome stereo music rooms, trivia games or join our summer or winter bowling league and win $150. We offer tutorials on an
array of programs. Or just come on in and join us for an interactive
chat! It's totally accessible and easy to use. We send out a daily schedule along with a monthly newsletter full of our members activities and thoughts.
We will keep you well informed about our current and up coming events!

Most people eat pumpkins, Turkey’s and Duck’s! On Blind Café we race them! For
example in October we had a fun Pumpkin race, with a cash prize of $25 for the fastest pumpkin in cyber space! In November, we had our Annual Turkey race
and in December it is off to our Reindeer Races. You get to name your Reindeer, then dress it up any way you please and enter it into our Christmas Party
Reindeer race and hopefully win and extra $25 to spend for Christmas! Also on the Café in December on the first Saturday of the month in our On Broadway
Room we will be show casing our members talent in the form of a traditional night of Christmas Carols. On December 20th, we will be having our Christmas
Secret Santa Exchange in our Merry Christmas Room and later that night we will Premier our Christmas Play “Nuttin For Christmas” Starring our Blind Café
Members. The play was written by our very own President of Blind Café and Author, Julie Parker and Produced by Julie Parker and Patti Woodworth.

Our Blind Café Chat community is made up of over 40 free voice chat
rooms that are extremely user friendly, and all you need is a
microphone to get started! To become a member and join our free chat community, go to our website, at


There is no cost to join. The Blind Café is a totally screen reader friendly voice chat site for the blind, their friends, and families.

Some of our rooms are:
* A Donut and Coffee Shop, which opens at 7 A M, Come join our
breakfast club and discuss world events or just what the weather is
like in each others part of the woods. If you are an early riser you
can come and share some chat and morning laughs.
* Cafe Fitness Zone Look and feel better
* Recording Studio - Record yourself, singing or playing a musical
instrument into a MP3 file! Then play it on Broadway Saturday night in our talent show.
* The Movie Room, We have over 600 described movies for your
enjoyment. Come in to Willie's cinema and watch the movie of your
choice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Press F6 from the main room
window, and choose the movie you would like to hear.
* On Broadway Come share your talent or just be a part of the
audience and listen
* Café after Dark opens late at night anyone for a late night chat?
* TV Land Come listen to your favorite TV shows
* The Café Comedy Lounge. Hit F6 and get ready for some great
comedians like Jeff Dunham, Roy D Mercer, Bill Cosby, James Gregory
*The Bistro where we play Family Food Fight on Friday night. It’s a take off of the game Family Feud, played Blind Café Style!
* I didn't know that learning Centre. Hit F6 and listen to our
learning tutorials on programs such as Gold Wave, N.V.D.A, Outlook, Self-Addressing your own labels and envelopes. Email

to sign up for a class
* At the Hop Rock Music come play and let’s rock and roll! We also
have Big Band, Bluegrass, a Country Music Room a Jukebox, and and a Pirate’s Cove with Island Music from Jimmy Buffett for
your enjoyment.
* The Reading Room Where all the bookworms gather to discuss their
favorite Books.
* Faith Chapel: Join Wendy Saturday Morning’s for Bible Study.
* The Café's a stitch in time! Join Tiffany and Lorraine for arts
and crafts.
* The Dragon’s Den Bowling Alley. Join Terry for his weekly bowling league’s and the winners get $150! * Mystery Theatre. Press F6 and listen to one
of our very own
produced mini who dun it plays, starring our very own Blind Café
Members. You can also get a part in one of our plays.
* Gadgets Tech Room - Tech talk and new gadgets - Hit F6 and hear
instructions on how to use iPhone App's.

For more info, please Visit us at




it’s the site where our members matter the Most!

JB Heart
Writer And Publisher
President Of

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The Blind Post is a great way to find or sell items specifically useful to the visually impaired. Both the web-site and newsletter contain classified ads, announcements, articles and tips from the Food Lady. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey interview Lori Motis who maintains the Blind Post and get tips about accessible web hosting and bulk e-mail tools.


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