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Meet BlindAlive!
By Gwen Givens
For many years my experience with exercise has been a rather ambivalent one. I have a treadmill, I have a bike. I have been a member of gyms, both at work
and in the community. The bike and the treadmill have always been fine. I am totally blind, and as long as the equipment is properly labelled, I have been
able to use it successfully. The rub has come when I have tried to engage in either aerobics, stretching, or yoga classes. Because I have not been able
to see the instructor demonstrating the moves, and the instructor cannot slow down the class to accommodate lengthy descriptions of the exercises, I have
often been disappointed and frustrated.

Imagine my excitement when I read about a new website called www.BlindAlive.com, which features a series of CD’s and audio downloads designed with blind
people in mind. I decided to give it a try, hoping I would not be disappointed. These are marketed under the label Eyes-Free Fitness™. I decided to start
with the stability ball workout. It consists of about 42 minutes of continuous exercise consisting of a warm-up section, a middle section which works all
body parts, and a cool-down section. The instructor gets in as much audio description as she possibly can within the workout, but the Eyes-Free Fitness™
concept goes farther than this. The website contains an extremely detailed compilation of all of the exercises. Before I began using the CD, I listened
to the extremely detailed audio clips, following along with them as they were described. I wish there was a way for you to hear these in this review, but
they are audio files, so there is not. However, you can go to the website and download, for free, all the audio descriptions and their ten-minute morning
stretch routine, which is really good. That will give you an idea of how the workouts are presented.

I excitedly told my brother, who is sighted and a great proponent of exercise, and he remarked that these could possibly be good for sighted people also.
He said it is extremely frustrating to follow a workout where he is forced to switch his attention back and forth between an instructor and checking his
form and posture. So, come one, come all, blind or sighted, and let’s all get moving and have a ball!

Descriptive exercise routines are now available from BlindAlive! Current offerings include two levels of cardio, two Sculpting with Weights, a BootCamp Style, and a stability ball workout, with others planned for the near future. Workouts can either be downloaded to your computer or purchased on CD. For more information, you may visit BlindAlive on the web:


send email to
or leave a message for a return call at (570) 212-9979.

BlindAlive also has a free sample workout, a free 10-minute morning stretch, a blog, and podcasts, all available at the website.

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