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The Blind Post News features ads and announcements from and for the blind and visually
There are also monthly columns:

From the editor by Lori Motis,
Blind man walking by Joshua Loya,
Living with low vision by Donna Williams,
Yarn, hook, and needle, crafts by Phyllis Campbell,
The view from here by Mark Carlson,
From the pages of Donna's travel diary by Donna J. Jodhan,
Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady by Lori Motis AKA Food Lady, and Tech news is a monthly column with two writers, by either Char or Liz, alternating months.
Funnyside, "it is to laugh." Jokes, quotes, and riddles in good taste.
Blind people talking is a column where readers share their personal adventures living with a visual challenge.
We also have periodic updates from Global Cane Outreach on their mission trips and events.

The news is emailed around the ninth of each month to all current subscribers. There is no cost to subscribe. Sponsors pay for the news each month.

We have 1234 current subscribers. Read below for what and how to submit ads and announcements.

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You can now place two notices, per month, that are 50 words or less each, at no cost, or one that is 100 words or
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What can be published in the Blind Post News:

If you are blind or visually impaired, you can submit all types of notices from new or used items, services or training, business or job listings, items
you are looking for, for trade or to give away, and announcements that you think other readers would be interested in. Notices and announcements pertaining
to the blind and low vision community, from all individuals, schools,
and organizations, are also welcome.

If you have any questions about your submission, Email me and I will let you know if it is suitable for The Blind Post News.

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