Welcome to the Blind Post Classified News for the Blind and Visually Impaired. A great place to share and sell!

Welcome to The Blind Post Classified News from and for the Blind

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The Blind Post features classified ads and announcements from and for the blind and visually impaired.

Also monthly features :
Blind Man Walking by Joshua Loya,

Tips & Tidbits from The Food Lady,

Tech Corner by Char,

Yarn, Hook, & Needle, Crafts by Phyllis Campbell
Living With Low Vision by Donna Williams.

New! From the pages of Donna's travel diary, written by Donna J. Jodhan.

Periodic updates on Global Cane Outreach: Beverly's trips to South Africa, and now expanding to other countries too.
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And there is much, much, more!

Please look around and check back often to see what is new at The Blind Post.

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Eyes On Success (formerly ViewPoints) Podcast

#1207 "The Blind Post web-site"
The Blind Post is a great way to find or sell items specifically useful to the visually impaired. Both the web-site and newsletter contain classified ads, announcements, articles and tips from the Food Lady. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey interview Lori Motis who maintains the Blind Post and get tips about accessible web hosting and bulk e-mail tools.


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